Help the motorcycle riders -Tolentino

November 29, 2023 People's Journal 117 views

SENATOR Francis “Tol” Tolentino urged the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to ramp up its system to help motorcycle riders and address the 12.9 million license plates backlog.

During the deliberation of Senate Bill No. 149 aimed at amending the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, Tolentino said that the production of license plates should be addressed and strengthened.

He said priority should be given to motorcycles that have not had a license plate for a long time, such as those that have not since 2014.

“Lumobo na from nine million, mag-13 million na. Baka after new year baka mag 15 to 14 million na ito,” said Tolentino.

Sen. Tol also said it is important that the LTO process be adjusted so that motorists will not have difficulty adjusting their data in their Radio Frequency Identification System or RFID.

For Tolentino, when there is a comprehensive RFID, it will not only make life easier for motorists, but also for the police and other law enforcement groups in suppressing crimes related to motorcycles.

“Administratively hassle iyon na pupunta sa LTO, papalitan yung pangalan, yung laman noong RFID. Medyo masalimuot iyon pero if it can be done from a central office na kayo na lang ang mag-encode, pasok na doon, okay siguro iyon,” Tolentino concluded.