Heaven cooks for Marco, and vice versa

July 24, 2023 Mario Bautista 524 views

Shipshow1Shipshow2MARCO Gallo amazed us at the presscon of his movie with Heaven Peralejo, “The Ship Show”, as he answered questions in fluent Tagalog, with no accent. “Practice lang po,” he says.

And he is really kengkoy in his own way. When kumareng Aster Amoyo asked him and Heaven as to what is the real score between them now, it’s Heaven who replied:

“Marco and I have really become close while doing ‘The Rain in Espana’ and now, ‘The Ship Show’. But whatever is going on between us now, I’d rather na sa amin na lang.

I prefer that we keep it to ourselves. But kung ano yung mga pino-post namin sa social media, what you see is what you get.”

And what can Marco say? “Sinabi na ng boss, e. So I will just respect that. Baka magalit sa akin.”

When Heaven later excused herself to go to the restroom, Marco stood up from the stage and approached Aster. “Tita Aster, alam nyo ‘yung sa amin ni Heaven, habang wala siya, ang gusto ko sa kanya, sobrang maalaga siya talaga. Pinagluluto niya ako at pinagluluto ko rin siya. O teka, baka bumalik na siya, e.”

The love team of Marco and Heaven really became hot after their first series together, “The Rain in Espana”, really hit it big in Viva One. So we’re not surprised that they’re quickly given a follow up project, and it’s a movie this time, “The Ship Show”, written and directed by JP Laxamana. What are their roles in the movie?

“My character’s name is Araw while Heaven is Chia. We are contestants in a reality show called ‘The Ship Show’ that will choose a winning love team. All the contestants are paired two by two at kami ang naging magkapareha. There are other five couples competing in the contest and all of us will try to win the hearts of shippers to survive each elimination round. Things get tougher for each couple as the show goes on and matira ang pinakamatibay na couple sa lahat para malaman whose ship will sail in the end.”

“The Ship Show” will be shown in theaters nationwide starting on August 9. We have a feeling it would be a hit as there has been no local youth oriented romance shown for sometime now.