June 14, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 234 views

THREE senior Philippine National Police officials involved in last Monday’s failed effort to arrest fugitive Pastor Apollo Quiboloy in Davao City were relieved from their posts effective Friday, the Journal Group learned.

Those affected by the instruction which reportedly came from Interior and Local Government Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. were PNP Director for Operations Major General Ronald Lee, Police Regional Office 11 director Brigadier Gen. Aligre Martinez and PNP Intelligence Group director Colonel Edwin DL Portento.

Highly-reliable Journal Group sources said Sec. Abalos wanted “heads to roll” in the aftermath of the negative result of last Monday’s service of warrants against Quiboloy in his three properties in Davao City.

However, senior PNP officials took up the cudgels for Maj. Gen. Lee and company whom they said worked hard to really arrest Quiboloy despite the fact that they were venturing in an “enemy territory” where all their movements are being monitored by loyal supporters of the self-proclaimed Son of God who is known to be the spiritual adviser and best friend of former President Rodrigo Duterte.

Maj. Gen. Lee, a member of Philippine Military Academy Class 1992 became the PNP Director for Operations last February 5, while Brig. Gen. Aligre of PNPA Class 1994 was designated as PRO11 director in Southern Mindanao last April 25.

Col. Portento of PNPA Class 1995 was installed as PNP-IG director last April 5.

Following Portento’s relief, former PNP-IG director-turned PNP Deputy Director for Intelligence Brig. Gen. Romeo Macapaz was designated as officer-in-charge of the unit.

The three were temporarily transferred to the Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit of the PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records Management.

Erstwhile PNP Director for Plans Brig. Gen. Nicolas Salvador of PNPA Class 1993 was designated as new PNP-DO while his classmate Brig. Gen. Nicolas Torre was named as the acting PRO11 director vice Aligre. Torre used to be the director of the PNP Communications and Electronics Service.

Brig. Gen. John Chua of PNPA Class 1992 was also designated as the acting director of the National Police Training Institute vice newly-retired Maj. Gen. Ritchie Medardo Posadas of PMA Class 1990. Chua used to be the deputy commander of the Area Police Command-Visayas.

The unit reassignment order was issued by PNP Chief of Directorial Staff Lieutenant Gen. Jon Arnaldo and PNP Director for Personnel-Community Relations Maj. Gen. Sydney Hernia on orders of PNP chief General Rommel Francisco Marbil.

Prior to last Monday’s operation, the National Bureau of Investigation, which is the main unit tasked to get Quiboloy, has failed to get the Kingdom of Jesus Christ founder.

The PNP is supporting the NBI in its mission to get Quiboloy which is known to be being protected by former President Duterte.

Quiboloy even named the former president as administrator of the vast properties of the KOJC last March.

The thing called “Davao politics” has really posed a major challenge to authorities in getting Quiboloy who is known for being an ally of many police, military, NBI and other law enforcement officials in Davao City and the rest of Southern Mindanao.

Early this week, the PNP leadership maintained there was “no overkill” in the way its officers served the warrants of arrest issued against Quiboloy.

“The Philippine National Police carried out a lawful operation to serve warrants of arrest for Pastor Apollo Quiboloy of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) and five others in Davao City . This operation was conducted in strict compliance with legal security protocols and with due respect for all involved parties,” said PNP spokesperson Colonel Jean S. Fajardo in a press statement.

The official, speaking in behalf of Gen. Marbil, said an appropriate number of policemen were involved in the operation to keep peace and order in the KOJC areas which were surrounded by hundreds of Quiboloy fanatics who jeered the lawmen.

“Recognizing the high-profile nature of the subject, the PNP ensured the presence of an appropriate number of officers during the operation to maintain order and prevent any unforeseen incidents. We are pleased to report that the execution of the warrant was conducted without any harm to anyone,” Col. Fajardo said.

According to the official, the operation was conducted simultaneously in three locations: the KOJC compound in the Buhangin district, which houses the Jose Maria College; the sprawling 25-hectare Glory Mountain in Barangay Tamayong; and the adjacent 50-hectare Prayer Mountain.

She added that these locations were carefully chosen based on verified information indicating Pastor Quiboloy’s frequent visits to these areas.

“Before the operation, the PNP coordinated closely with local officials to ensure a peaceful and orderly execution, minimizing any potential disruptions to the community.

“Furthermore, the PNP strictly adhered to the guidelines outlined in the PNP Operational Procedures Manual, which underscore the importance of upholding human rights and conducting police operations with integrity,” Col. Fajardo added.

The PNP leadership continued its appeal to Quiboloy to yield and face the charges against him in court.

“We appeal to Pastor Quiboloy to peacefully surrender, accept the warrant, and address the charges brought against him. We also urge his supporters to respect the legal process and the fundamental laws that govern our society,” said Col. Fajardo as she maintained the commitment of the PNP to serve and safeguard the public and uphold the principles of justice and equality under the law.

On Tuesday, former President Duterte accused the government of “overkill” in its hunt for his friend Quiboloy claiming that policemen used “excessive force” to enter and search the properties of the KOJC leader.

“I strongly condemn the use of excessive and unnecessary force in serving the warrant of arrest for Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of the KJC by police officers who are not even from Davao City,” Duterte said in a statement.

More than 100 policemen from the PNP Special Action Force, Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and officers from nearby police regional offices were involved in the service of the search warrants.

As much as possible, local police, military and other law enforcement officers who are known to have developed “close ties” with Duterte and Quiboloy are not being involved in the ‘get Guiboloy operation’ to prevent possible leaks.

Quiboloy is facing criminal charges for child abuse, sexual abuse and qualified trafficking in separate Davao and Pasig city regional trial courts.