HE Ayanna more comfortable with girl-to-girl love scene

April 26, 2022 Mario Bautista 1938 views


THE most prolific Vivamax director now is Roman Perez Jr. Following the success of his movies “Taya”, “The Housemaid”, “House Tour”, “Siklo”, “Hugas’, and the ongoing hit series, “Iskandalo”, he now serves us an extra spicy original movie this May, “Putahe”. This stars Ayanna Misola, star of “#Pornstar 2: Pangalawang Putok”, “Kinsenas, Katapusan” and “Iskandalo”.

In “Putahe”, Ayanna plays Jenny, an island girl who has big plans for herself and her family. She starts fan girling on a city girl who arrives in the island, Euka, played by beauty queen Janelle Tee (Miss Philippines Earth 2019). Euka is an expert in the culinary arts and puts up a small restaurant. Jenny follows Euka around as she wants to learn how to cook and also put up her own business.

Euka finally catches her attention and she obliges to give Jenny some cooking lessons… and more. She sheds her mysterious aura and reveals her wild, seductive side as she also gives Jenny sex lessons that she will never forget.

The girl-to-girl experiences only stimulate Jenny’s sexual appetite and she now craves for more. She does it next with her boyfriend, Ephraim (Massimo Scofield), never stopping until they are both fully satiated.

But while Jenny loses all her innocence, Ephraim seems to be losing his interest in her. Convinced that Euka has something to do with it, Jenny does yet another thing that’s totally out of character. What this could be is what you’d find out when you watch “Putahe” on Vivamax when it starts streaming on May 13, 2022.

Did Ayanna have any limitations in shooting the sex scenes in the film where she makes love with both a man and a woman? “None, no limitations po,” she says. “Lalo na sa girl to girl scenes with Ate Janelle. Kasi mas okay ako kapag babae ang kapartner ko. Hindi naman ako nahirapan sa love scenes. Mas challenging for me yung conditions sa island kasi virgin island siya. Walang kuryente, tapos limited ang fresh water kaya sa paliligo namin, we only swim sa dagat kaya mahirap ding maging fresh sa island.”

Since the film features a lot of cooking, what’s the favorite dish she wants to cook? “I really cook and I love cooking kare-kare, kasi i like peanuts and the pechay in it.”

“Putahe” also stars willing and able newcomers Hershie de Leon, Nathan Cajucom and Chad Solano. Feast your eyes on “Putahe” new actors’ sexy bodies and steamy scenes.

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