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Haunted Hotel Staff Members Share Eerie On The Job Stories

November 25, 2022 People's Tonight 549 views

Amanda Ashley

Hotels are designed to be a place of comfort and safety for travelers, much like a home away from home. For various reasons, some hotels have gained a reputation for being haunted. Although guests can request an early check-out if they feel spooked, what about the employees who work on the property for many hours at a time? Do they get used to the creepy shenanigans or are they constantly scouring the classifieds looking for a job without ghosts?


Night Auditor Warned Not To Look Into The Mirrors Because If She Saw Something, She Wasn’t Allowed To Scream

From Redditor /u/MrSnowflake2:

If you don’t believe in ghosts, I totally respect that. To be honest, before I worked at this hotel I wasn’t sure what I believed myself.

When I was 19 I worked as a Night Auditor at a 4 star hotel in my hometown. I am not naming the hotel, because they aren’t ‘out’ about being haunted. If I’d have known, I don’t know if I would have applied to work there…especially at night.

When I was hired I had to sign a non disclosure agreement stating I couldn’t talk to anyone (especially the media) about my experiences on the job. I didn’t think anything of it at the time (I assume all hotels have something like this?).

On my first night (AKA my training shift) I was taught that 2-3 times a night we were supposed to walk around the hotel (the hotel was so small that the Night Auditor doubled as night security).

As some context, each hallway had these beautiful floor length mirrors at each end of the hall. The person training me advised me not to look into the mirrors while I was walking around…because if I saw ‘something’ I wasn’t allowed to scream. This advice seemed harmless enough.

On my third nightshift I happened to be sitting at the front desk with my trainer, and we had a good view out the front door. The parking lot was well lit. Suddenly movement caught the corner of my eye. A child sized red cloaked figure quickly came into view. As they walked by they turned to look into the glass front door.

Words don’t do the face justice. Lets just say it wasn’t the face of a living, breathing child.

I sat there stunned, unable to process what I just saw. I was just about to open my mouth when I looked over to my trainer who was staring open mouthed. She barely uttered “did you see that?” A long time passed of us just being quiet. Things were super awkward and uncomfortable for the rest of the shift. My trainer quit the moment the morning manager came in. She kept repeating that she’d had enough and seen enough.

The next night the manager herself agreed to change her schedule to finish my training. We got along really well, and we started chatting casually. When I finally worked up the courage to ask about my old trainer quitting, the manager admitted that they never kept Night Auditors long, and some of the more ‘tenured’ day staff actually had a betting pool about how long people would last.

She reluctantly went on to explain why:

The back story is the hotel started life as a Mill in the mid 1800’s when the town was founded (and remained so until after WW2). In the 1940’s there was a tragic accident where a little girl fell down the elevator shaft and her Grandfather and her dog fell to their deaths trying to save her…this was actually part of the reason the Mill was shut down. It was left empty until it was turned into a hotel in the 1970’s. Since then, they have been quietly plagued by NUMEROUS ghostly encounters.

The owners of the hotel didn’t want this advertised because they were trying to project the image of a four star hotel…NOT a haven for ghost-hunters (her words).

She said that apparently the old man ghost was ‘at peace’ and hadn’t been ‘encountered’ since the mid-90’s (I worked there in the mid 2000’s). Aside from occasionally hearing unexplained barking noises coming from two specific rooms (which interestingly enough were on the top floor on either side of the original elevator shaft), the dog wasn’t making many appearances either. The little girl ghost was the only one who was ‘active’.

Interestingly enough, that manager (who’d been there for about five years) quit three months later when she was working late one evening and kept hearing a child’s laughter (when the hotel was mostly empty and there were no children staying in the hotel).

I made it six months.

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Night Shift Employee Thinks Someone Is Locked In Restroom Stall

From Redditor /u/Cannibal808:

I work in a haunted hotel. Have plenty of co-workers share stories of stuff they’ve seen but I’ve personally only had one incident.

I was working late, just past midnight, when I had to go to the bathroom. This bathroom I’m using is in a public area, and is fairly large. Standard men’s bathroom in that it has both stand up and sit down stalls. So I go in and I’m the only one present. It’s quiet, and I walk to the stand up stalls and start to go.

As I’m going, I hear a knocking sound (very fast paced like someone rapping with their knuckles) coming from behind me and over my shoulder. I look and I see the door for the handicap sitdown stall is vibrating, which is what is making the knocking sound. It’s moving like if someone had locked it from the inside and was bouncing it off the lock and the outer doorstop. I’m still peeing mind you, and I get overcome with chills. But I finish up and it still is making that noise. I think that it could possibly be a coworker playing a prank, so I laugh and say “very funny” and it immediately stops.

So I walk over expecting the door to be locked with a coworker inside, so I knock. And the door swings wide open with no one inside. I get overcome with chills again and just ran out. There was no way the door could’ve made that noise without being locked. Anyways, I still use that particular bathroom, but never late at night. Freaked me out good and proper.

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Housekeeper Still Plagued By Nightmares Related To Haunted Hotel

From Redditor /u/ikklegrim:

I worked as a housekeeper at a ‘haunted hotel’ for about a year.

There’s many stories I could tell but there was this one room that f*cked me up mentally for months, still have nightmares about it now.

So the hotel is a grade two listed building, a Manor House that was converted into a hotel. It’s said that the family who built and lived there had their bedrooms where room 1,2 and 3 now are. The rooms are out of the way and down a dark corridor which gives them an eerie feeling but they’re decent rooms. Number 2 is one of the biggest and luxurious rooms to stay in.

However, it’s rumoured that when the house was being converted that the builders found a skeleton of a child in the fireplace, the fireplace that’s still in that room. The room opens up to a long corridor, the bathroom on the left and a super king bed in a huge living area looking over the gardens. I never felt right in there, but things got worse a few months in when I started having nightmares that I was being chased down the rooms corridor. I’d never see what was chasing me but I’d be filled with terror. The corridor would just keep going for what seemed like forever but when I’d reach the door, there’d be no handle. I had that dream every night for months, my teeth got damaged from all the grinding and so exhausted that I could barely do the job. In the end the place got me so depressed I was self harming again, something I’d been clean of since I was a teen. Since quitting the job that dream and my mental health improving, the dream became much less frequent but I still get it from time to time when things are bad. The whole hotel is toxic but that one room still continues to haunt me.

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Employees Saw Multiple Apparitions Causing Activity In Hotel

From Redditor /u/Shishi432234:

A hotel I worked at had plenty of activity that was mostly experienced by staff. I only encountered one guest that had experienced something, but after asking me if the place was haunted (And looking very shook up about something too.) she walked away without clarifying.

Staff routinely dealt with: footsteps behind them, things vanishing from carts, objects moving by themselves, sometimes while they watched, voices in empty rooms that stopped when they went in, voices calling out to they when they were alone, splashing in the pool when no one was there, the sound of fingers tapping on the front desk when no guest were around, an unwelcome vibe in the empty ballroom, elevators that moved by themselves, unexplainable noises, shadows in windows in empty rooms, and apparitions.

So. Many. Apparitions. Whenever we had a new hire, we’d take bets on when their first sighting would be and just who it would be. Would it be the farmer in blue coveralls? The young guy in black jeans and a black button down shirt? The older lady in the business attire?

Fun times.

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