Hard times

March 8, 2022 People's Tonight 409 views

DOUBTLESS, there are some “good lessons” that can be picked up from the skyrocketing prices of services and goods, particularly gasoline and other petroleum products in the country.

For one, it is certainly urgent on concerned government authorities to come up with highly-effective solutions to profiteering and hoarding not only in the metropolis but elsewhere.

During trying times, like natural and man-made disasters, profiteers, hoarders and other erring traders are out to victimize the country’s beleaguered and helpless consumers.

For another, it’s better for the authorities to go after hoarders, wholesalers and retailers than let these erring traders victimize the consumers, who are mostly housewives.

And our lawmakers ought to come up with pieces of legislation aimed at addressing the numerous problems confronting the country and the Filipino people during hard times.

With the worsening of the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict, it is, without doubt, heartening to see a government committed to protect the interest of the people, particularly the poor.

“Kahit patapos na nga ang termino ni Pangulong Duterte ay ginagawa pa rin niya ang lahat para lang matugunan ang ating mga problema,” a local government official said.

But while we commend the outgoing administration, we also urge the public, including the ordinary citizens, to help the government in going after profiteers and hoarders.

The people must to report to concerned government authorities the nefarious activities of erring traders.

They ought to be the “eyes” and “ears of the government in the community.