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Happy blessed birthday Edna Comsti Gueson!

June 16, 2024 Tess Lapuz-Lardizabal 169 views

HAPPY Birthday, Mom! You have been an inspiration to all. You have taught us to count our blessings (but not our eggs before they hatch or not to put all our eggs in one basket). We can always count on you for encouragement and support. When we think of all the wonderful people in our lives, you’re at the top! We pray that God continues to show you His Grace today and always. We love you!”

— Tina, Michael and Sofia   

Blessed birthday girl Edna Comsti Gueson
Edna with darling daughter Tina, devoted son-in-law Michael and dearest granddaughter Sofia.


Edna in her younger years


Fun Edna with friends and fam.

BLESSED birthday gal Edna Comsti Gueson deserves no less than a present more precious than gold: a love-filled message from darling daughter Tina, devoted son-in-law Michael and dearest granddaughter Sofia.

After all, friends and fam unanimously describe the celebrant in three heartfelt words: ‘Everybody loves Edna.’

Who wouldn’t? The sun always shines in Edna’s world. As if in reflex, she spreads sunshine and positivity wherever she goes. Humor is her game.

Tenants swear that Edna is a landlord-ideal mom-friendly neighbor-confidante rolled into one. And more. She constantly makes sure that her rented properties are immaculately spic and span and blissfully free from distractions.

A well-grounded soul, Edna gets along with people from all walks of life and sees the good in everything, everyone. This reflects her deep Catholic faith and devout belief in the Almighty. ‘Tis no wonder then that her patron saints, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Michael, to name some, continue to pour blessings on her and her loved ones.

Everything is just bright about Edna. Even fun facts about her show that she is an absolute delight. Her oft used quotes are:“Bahala ka sa buhay mo”,“Teka teka” (to her beloved dog Chico), “You got it bebe!”, “Oh well”, and “Time to make the donut…donut, donut, donut!”

Edna embraces life like an eternally youthful person. She enjoys travelling, catching up with friends and family, Christmas and Hallmark movies.

The name Edna is of Hebrew origin and means renewer, delight and rejuvenation. In the Apocrypha, Edna is a loving mother.

Edna is also a symbol of hope for women in the future.

All these traits best exemplify Edna, plus heaps more.

On your birthday, dearest Edna, this corner, your Woodside chums, as well as devoted family and friends wish you additional wellsprings of blessings, happiness and grace. May you continue to brighten up more lives and spread positive vibes. May you remain to be surrounded by people you love and who love you back unconditionally.

May you continue to embody each letter of your name which pertains to an apt description of you. That is, E-for Endearing to everybody, D – for Devoted to friends and family, N – for Nicest person around and A- Almighty’s gift to mankind. We love you!