Birthday Photo shows Niko, Ivan, Isaac, Nickson, Nikki and Nick

Happy blessed birthday Annie Junio!

March 28, 2022 People's Tonight 232 views
Photo shows (back) Chelo, Baby, Luz, Cynthia, Jackie and Reggie, (front) Tess, celebrant Annie, Irene and Judith
Photo shows Paolo,Kiko, Bobby,Fidel, Nick, Rene, Doanin, Jojo, Junji, Roger, Teng and Obet

HAPPY blessed birthday to Annie Junio, the ideal wife of Nick and perfect mom of Niko, Ivan, Isaac and Nickson, as well as loving humom of Nikki. May you continue to live up to your name which means gracious and merciful. Thank you for sharing your one-of-a-kind love and care, one of your trademarks which has endeared you to family and friends. Wishing you continued bliss, peace and blessings! We love you! Greetings coming from Niko, Ivan, Isaac, Nickson, Nikki,Nick, Chelo, Baby, Luz, Cynthia, Jackie, Reggie. Irene, Judith, Paolo, Kiko, Bobby,Fidel Nick ,Rene,Doanin, Jojo, Junji, Roger, Teng, Obet and Tess.