Roger Solis & Robert Mendoza

Happy blessed b-day Roger Solis & Robert Mendoza!

September 21, 2021 People's Tonight 468 views

Roger Solis and Robert Mendoza

HAPPY blessed birthday to Roger Solis and Robert Mendoza! May you both continue to be family-dedicated, fun-loving and God-fearing. Wishing you more laughter and cheer-filled moments with family and friends who love you endlessly. With your names both having the biblical meaning of ‘fame’, may you two continue to be famous in the hearts and eyes of your loved ones as far as your capacity to love and bring joy is concerned. Greetings coming from your respective loving wives Judith Blardony Solis and Chelo Mendoza as well as buddies Jojo and Cynthia Santos, Nick and Annie Junio, Franky and Tess Lardizabal and Rene and Alen Canlas.