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Happy birthday Rene Canlas!

May 19, 2021 People's Tonight 457 views
Canlas & Wife
Rene with his doting and warm wife Alen as well as lovely daughter Zoe.

YOU can never be disappointed with Rene. He is always there when you need him. Kahit hindi ka magsalita, he knows. Andyan siya palagi.”

Thus a common friend said of Rene Canlas in the middle of a story. She blurted it out matter-of-factly as if she were merely reciting the weather, assuring that it was okay to take a walk in the park.

Rene, or ‘Bosing’ as how he and my spouse brotherly call each other, was the first friendly stranger to welcome me to New York. He also proved to be me and hubby’s initial lifeline in our new home.

Although a man of few words, Rene is gifted with a treasure trove of advice and wisdom. Chums never fail to seek his two cents about life’s hacks and daily fixins.

His sense of humor is enviable. He can throw a funny line or two with a poker face, yet leave everybody in stitches.

A loving and responsible husband to Alen and dad to Zoe, Rene is dearly cherished by his ever-growing circle of buddies who treat him as family.

No wonder nobody didn’t have second thoughts on hosting a birthday tribute for him. It was a blast. Sumptuous food and well wishes overflowed. Not to mention the love and laughter from visitors which lingered in the air long after the celebration was over.

Rene is a boy’s name of French origin meaning ‘reborn.’ In Greek, it means peaceful.

Rene Canlas is definitely a man of peace. He gives freely of his time, energy and sympathetic understanding. He is compassionate, a humanitarian and accepts the frailties of others.

On your birthday, your friends and family wish that you continue to be a walking and breathing blessing to them and the rest of mankind.

May you continue to enjoy good health and be surrounded by a perfect family as well as loyal, loving friends.

Happy birthday, Rene.

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