Grey Aliens Killed 60 US Soldiers And Civilians In Underground Battle In New Mexico

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By Vicky Verma

American engineer Philip Schneider was born on April 23, 1947. He is known as a person who worked for many years in collaboration with special services of the United States, had access to information of the 3rd level of secrecy, but at some point decided that people should know that they are kept in ignorance or are grossly deceived about everything happening to UFOs and aliens.

Few people had taken the stories of Phil Schneider seriously until he was found dead. At the same time, the circumstances of his death indicated that Phil had been brutally dealt with.

Alien1Grey aliens

Phil got higher education at an engineering school and later became a geological engineer. He is also known as a civil engineer for the military and aerospace industries.

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Phil had his own family, a wife and a child. Oscar Schneider, Phil’s father, was a physician and military officer, who, according to some information, served in a submarine and at the same time managed to fight both for Germany and for the United States. Phil was able to take part in the construction of at least two underground bases for the so-called “secret government,” as well as in the construction of 13 deep-seated military bases underground.

Seeing how such projects are financed, for whom they are being built, and that the basic rights of the people, as well as the US constitution, are violated, in 1994, Phil broke off relations with the American intelligence services and returned all his awards. After that, Phil began working as an ordinary geologist, combining work with revelatory performances. He talked about underground bases, top-secret alien technologies, and the threat togrey humanity that those who seek to establish a New World Order in the direction of aliens hostile to people carry with them.

To popularize the information disclosed in the last two years of his life, Phil spoke a lot in public traveling around the USA and Canada and visited England and Japan. He criticized the government which keeps its citizens in the dark.

PhilPhil Schneider

In 1995, at a regular lecture, Schneider said that over the past 22 years, 11 of his best friends had died, they knew something about the so-called government “conspiracy theory.” At the same time, eight out of 11 episodes were officially recognized as suicides.

Phil said that he was one of three people who survived the shootout that occurred in 1979 at an underground military base in Dulce between representatives of American intelligence services and aliens. As a result of the influence of an alien weapon, Schneider got a dose of radiation and subsequently fell ill with cancer.

Phil Schneider also claimed that there had been repeated attempts to kill him after he told what he knew. These were attacks with weapons, attempts to push him onto the highway, and even attacks during street fights.

On January 17, 1996, Phil Schneider was found dead in his house in Wilsonville, Oregon. He was lying on the floor next to the piano, and a tube from his own catheter was wound around his neck.

However, according to the report, Schneider was shot dead by police officers who came to deal with a large number of unpaid taxes and fines, and during the dialogue, Phil began to behave menacingly, grabbed his weapons, and thus left the law enforcement officers with no choice.

Whatever happened, but by the time of his death, Phil Schneider was very poor in health due to a serious illness (oncology). Suicide was called the official cause of death, although, according to some reports, there were signs of torture on the body. Many ufologists believe that representatives of US intelligence simply removed Schneider because he knew too much.

Gordon Duff, an editor-in-chief of the Veterans Today magazine, called Phil Schneider a UFO witness, believing that he was strikingly deeply aware of the US government’s contacts with aliens.

Schneider worked as a demolition specialist to help build secret underground bases for the US government.

He openly accused the US government and intelligence agencies of covert acts and direct crimes. Some of them deserve special attention:

1. The American government entered into an agreement with the Grey aliens in 1954. This mutually beneficial cooperation agreement is called the “Greada Treaty”. Aliens do not comply with it.

2. The shuttle made special alloys in orbit. A vacuum is needed to create these special metals, and thus the mandate for the ongoing support of the manned space station is justified.

3. Most of the aircraft technology with Stealth technology was developed due to the study of an alien ship that crashed in the United States.

4. AIDS was invented at the National Ordinance Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois, and developed as a virus to control the human population.

5. It is a secret that the US government has a device for causing earthquakes. The San Francisco earthquake in 1989 and the Kobe earthquake in 1995 did not have a pulse wave, which confirms their artificial origin.

6. The bombing at the World Trade Center (09/11/2001) and the bombing in Oklahoma City (04/19/1995) were carried out using miniature nuclear devices. This is indicated by the melting and pitting of concrete with the displacement of metal rods that make up the frame of concrete structures (it is worth recalling that Phil was an engineer and explosives were one of his strengths).

7. Bikini Atoll was destroyed by nuclear weapons due to the fact that there was an underwater base of aliens.

8. The strategic defense initiative (SDI) was actually conceived as a defense against alien invasions.

9. A large number of underground military bases have been built in the United States (~ 130), up to 2 km deep, and they are similar in size to cities. Bases were built in case of a declaration of war.

The bases are interconnected by high-speed monorails, on which trains move at a speed of 2 Mach (~ 2380 km/h) on a “magnetic cushion”, hovering 3/4 inch (~ 2 cm) above the rail.

10. The secret plan of the high Grays to establish on the planet a New World Order, managed by the UN, which they secretly control.

The UFO problem was dealt with by an organization specially created by the order of the US government back in 1933. According to the research of this organization, in 1935, the presence of aliens on Earth became a recognized fact. Over the next 20 years, employees tried to find out the intentions of space aliens and establish contact with them. And this happened in 1954: on February 20-21, President Dwight Eisenhower met with representatives of an alien civilization.

The first meeting was unsuccessful: the aliens refused to transfer any advanced technologies to earthlings (represented by the Americans), but they demanded to stop the development of certain types of weapons. The United States did not agree to stop its military projects and, of course, could not vouch for the rest of the world.

Contacts continued and, as a result, the so-called “Greada Treaty” was concluded. What the contracting parties agreed on:

• The aliens do not interfere in the affairs of earthlings.

• Earthlings (represented by the US government) keep secret the fact of the presence of aliens on Earth.

• Aliens help in technical development. This applies only to the American nation.

• Aliens can take people and animals for scientific purposes. People after research should come back, and memories of contacts with aliens should be deleted from their memories.

The consequence of this agreement was the creation of numerous underground bases on which earthlings mastered extraterrestrial technology, and aliens conducted their experiments on “human material”.

Gray aliens are employees of a powerful extraterrestrial civilization, the existence of which earthlings had to face in their historical past. The presumptive basis of the alien ideology is the unification of intelligent species of the Universe into a single Union, and regardless of the form of life itself (biological, ethereal, or other).

Judging by past events, alien political principles imply the non-violent conversion of planets to their ideology. The mail idea of aliens about a single type of intelligent life form is reduced to the fact that the population of the planets loses memory of the past and turns into beings with the given characteristics. To implement this program, aliens use advanced bioengineering technologies. The final stage of their mission is to implement the necessary information, while information about the past of the subordinate culture does not matter anymore.