‘Grey’ Alien Devices Implanted in Fearful Indiana Experiencer

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Posted: 30 May 2022 09:56 AM PDT

Alien1An Indiana man is camping during a fishing trip near Nipigon, Ontario. One night, he wakes to two ‘Greys’ and a sharp pain near his neck. The next morning, there is blood on his shirt and sleeping bag.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

“In 2016, a friend ‘RR’ had something bizarre happen to him while camping at the Stillwater Tent & Trailer Park, to the west of Nipigon, Ontario, in the Thunder Bay area.

He woke up in the middle of the night to what he said were two ‘Greys.’ He couldn’t move or scream and the last thing he remembered was a sharp pain just above clavicle next to the neck.

When he came out of the tent in the morning one of his fishing companions was alarmed at blood which was on his t-shirt on his shoulder. When they inspected his sleeping bag they found more blood. They immediately transported him to the provincial hospital where one of the doctors said that something had punctured his skin, and went alongside the muscle at least 2.5 cm. The hole was about 2 mm, and scabbed, and an X-ray showed something the size of a 1206 surface mount resistor was at the bottom of the puncture. He elected to wait and have it removed back in the states.

It took two days to get back to Indiana, and then another day for him to see the doctor which confirmed the object was there. They decided to remove it two days later in an outpatient procedure at Parkview in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

On the morning of the procedure, he woke to find more blood on his sheets and pillow, and went in for the 10:45AM appointment. When the doctor did a scan to confirm location of the piece for removal, it was no longer there. It was in tissue at a location where it could not have moved by itself, and the doctor noted that the penetration into the body showed “trauma” as if something had been put in him again, which disturbed the tissue which was in the process of healing. Yet the skin penetration at the surface showed recent scarring, which one would expect of a wound 3 months old.

RR now sleeps with a proximity alarm, and IR alarm, which has gone off once since the event. Since then, he now sleeps with a S&W MP2.0 .40 caliber pistol on the night stand. Since 2016, he’s never had another problem. But in 2017, he had a full scan of the upper torso which confirmed no foreign material in the body. Ever since that event, he will only go fishing with the guys if they are all in the same tent together.” FV

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