Grade 10 student abused by mom’s live-in partner

October 28, 2021 Melnie Ragasa-limena 265 views

A GRADE 10 student sought her teacher’s help after her mother refused to believe that she had been repeatedly abused by the latter’s live in partner.

The 16-year-old victim was accompanied by her teacher in filing a complaint at the Pasong Putik Police Station against a 28-year-old construction worker.

It was learned that the incident was discovered by the teacher after the victim posted on social media that somebody had touched her breast .

The victim confessed after her teacher asked about the post. She said she awoke when she felt the suspect touching her breast.

The victim said the suspect has been her mother’s live- in partner since 2017.

She also disclosed the suspect first touched her on May 14, 2019. The suspect also allegedly threatened to kill the victim and her family.

The victim also claimed the suspect raped her on July 1, 2019, August 1, 2019 and September 3, 2021.

Her teacher advised her to ask help from relatives and report the incident to the DSWD but the victim revealed that nobody believed the alleged abuse incidents.

Thus, the teacher decided to help the victim report the incident to Barangay Pasong Putik.

Acting on the complaint, follow up operatives arrested the suspect who is facing charges for violation of Section 5 (B) of RA 7610 and RA 8353.