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Gov’t steps on brakes at drop off points, illegal terminals at PITX

March 18, 2023 Jun I. Legaspi 296 views

THE Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Land Transportation Office (LTO), and Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (IACT), deployed more than 50 personnel Friday at the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) to prevent illegal drop off points and illegal terminals within the vicinity of the landport.

“We have observed in recent weeks that more PUVs are dropping off passengers in unauthorized areas, which revived colorum operations and has been prevalent much to the inconvenience and danger to the riding public.” said Jason Salvador, Corporate Affairs and Government Relations Head at PITX.

IACT Deputy Chief of Operations Eduardo Cayetano, led the briefing at the terminal. He deployed the enforcement personnel, along Macapagal, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay Rotonda, and Buendia Taft.

“Aside from protecting the welfare of our passengers, the operation addresses adequate supply of PUVs to the terminal”. He continued, “the enforcement also coincides with the recent decision of the Supreme Court in imposing higher fines up to Php 1 million against operators of colorum vehicles,” Salvador added.

The Supreme Court deemed Joint Administrative Order 2014-01 constitutional to enhance public safety and welfare by charging higher fines against negligent drivers and public utility vehicle operators.

“To aggravate the already pernicious nature of the roads is the proliferation of colorum vehicles. As their continued conduct absent requisite authority immeasurably endanger the lives of the riding public, it is necessary for the State, pursuant to its police power devolving unto the DOTC and its agencies, to place reasonable restrictions in the form of higher fees and stricter penalties upon the operation of motor vehicles,” said the Supreme Court.