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Gov, PRO4-A director cite ‘singing’ Rizal cops’ effective law enforcement

February 25, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 516 views
Police Regional Office 4-A director
Police Regional Office 4-A director, Brigadier General Paul Kenneth T. Lucas (left) and Rizal Police Provincial Office director, Colonel Felipe B. Maraggun give Rizal Governor Nina “Ricci” A. Ynares a briefing on the province’s peace and order situation during their recent courtesy call to the latter.

LITERALLY singing to the people to build and maintain public trust, the Rizal Police Provincial Office (PPO) has been cited by Rizal Governor Nina “Ricci” A. Ynares and Police Regional Office (PRO) 4-A director, Brigadier General Paul Kenneth T. Lucas for their effective law enforcement in the province.

The two officials particularly cited Rizal police director, Colonel Felipe B. Maraggun for seeing to it that Rizal province will be a much safer place to live, work and do business as it is secured by policemen-heroes who don’t wear capes but “wear the patch of the Rizal Police Provincial Office.”

Gov. Ynares commended Maraggun for coming up with his First 100-Days Report on the operational and administrative accomplishments of the Rizal police force from October 15, 2023, to last January 24.

She also cited the Rizal police for ensuring a generally peaceful October 30, 2023, Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections as well as the 2023 “Undas” and Christmas and New Year celebrations in the province.

“The first 100 days is a limited time but I commend you and all the men and women of the PNP-Rizal for being able to initiate and respond effectively to the challenge of an intensified campaign in eradicating crime and in waging an all-out war against illegal drugs, including the attainment of peace with the insurgents towards a greater sense of security and protection for our people,” said Gov. Ynares.

The Rizal governor cited the dedication and commitment of Maraggun for carrying out his duties and responsibilities as the top cop in the province saying the contents of his report are “reflections of a clear vision in improving your service delivery process that can only yield positive impact on the general welfare of our people.”

“While this is only a prelude, it essentially provides a glimpse of better things to come,” she said.

Brig. Gen. Lucas, meanwhile, congratulated the Rizal police force for displaying their “dedication, commitment and resilience” to foster a safer and more united environment in the province.

“Within the 100 days, you have showcased your best practices and initiatives that have defined our success. Two standout programs that have not only garnered attention but have significantly contributed to building stronger bonds within our community are the ‘Music Diplomacy’ initiative and the ‘Revitalized Patrulya ng Bayan’ as your Barangay Defense System,” the Calabarzon police director said.

Brig. Gen. Lucas said the PRO4-A’s commitment to community engagement goes beyond traditional law enforcement strategies.

Thus, he said that Col. Marragun’s introduction of “Music Diplomacy” has proven to be a transformative approach in building bridges and fostering understanding within the diverse community of Rizal province.

“Through this initiative, we have witnessed how the universal language of music transcends barriers, bringing people together and creating an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation. The positive response from our residents is an indication of the power of cultural exchange as a tool for community building,” he explained.

Brig. Gen. Lucas has called on the Rizal police force to continue exploring more innovative ways to leverage the arts and cultural initiatives while riding on the success of their own “Music Diplomacy” to further strengthen the ties between the police force and the community.

He also lauded the Rizal PPO’s “Revitalized Patrulya ng Bayan” which he described as the cornerstone of the Barangay Defense System to ensure the safety and security of the citizenry.

Col. Maraggun came up with the strategic program to reinforce their presence at the grassroots level, attracting full support from barangay officials, the church and other religious organizations, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders willing to help the police force respond to emerging challenges and threats.

One of the few Philippine National Police (PNP) officers who graduated from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy, Col. Maraggun of the PNP Academy “Buklod-Diwa” Class of 2001 took over as the Rizal police director last October 15 with a vow to lead a much stronger Rizal police’s campaign against criminality.

Thus, he embarked on a mission to go back to the basics of policing and institutionalize the implementation of Managing Patrol Operations. Under him, the Rizal police force gave birth to its “Music Diplomacy” and the “Revitalized Patrulya ng Bayan” to ensure the presence of the police in Rizal streets at all times as it has been proven to be a major anti-crime deterrent.

Col. Maraggun also started the Leadership Development Training for newly-elected barangay officials to empower them with the necessary skills, knowledge and mindset to effectively lead and serve their communities as government frontliners.

He also launched the Mural Painting Project to add charm and character to the camp’s perimeter wall, tapping the help of Rizal’s artists and young painters to showcase the heroic spirit and valor of the local police.

The official also oversaw the construction of the Police Non-Commissioned Officers’ Leadership Center of Excellence, the renovation of the Officers’ Quarters for Police Commissioned Officers and the construction of the Rizal PPO’s Stakeholders’ Cafe with the help of Members Church of God International to provide a world-class experience for its personnel and guests.

From October 15, 2023, to January 22 this year, the Rizal PPO’s intensified campaign against illegal drugs led in the conduct of 309 operations which resulted in the arrest of 429 targets, the confiscation of nearly P11 million worth of shabu and marijuana, and the filing of 429 charges for violation of Republic Act 9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, against the suspects.

Its drive against illegal gambling during the same period also triggered the conduct of 132 operations which resulted in the arrest of 384 persons, the seizure of more than P80,000 in bet money and the filing of 384 cases in court.

The Rizal police’s drive against loose firearms likewise led in the arrest of 27 targets, the confiscation of 29 various illegal firearms and a grenade, and the filing of 27 charges in court.

Likewise, it also accounted for 489 Most Wanted Persons (MWPs) and Other Wanted Persons during the period. They include 38 Regional MWPs, 36 Provincial MWPs, 55 Municipal MWPs and 360 Other Wanted Persons.

It also conducted three major and six minor internal security operations as well as 462 preventive patrols during the period which also saw the Rizal PPO accounting for three New People’s Army personalities in the province, two of them with illegal firearms.

The Rizal police recorded 1,800 crime incidents from October 12, 2023, to January 10, 2024, compared to the 2,165 it registered from October 13, 2022, to January 10, 2023, or 365 less incidents which is equivalent to a 17 percent reduction.

The Peace and Order Indicator also decreased by 10.86 percent or 171 less incidents, while the Public Safety Indicator went down by 32.83 percent or 194 less incidents.

In the comparative distribution of index crimes or focus crimes, the province recorded nine incidents less during the period or from 249 during the previous year to 240 in the latest period.

The Rizal police recorded a significant reduction in rape cases with 25 less incidents followed by robbery and murder with four each, and motorcycle theft with three.

Overall, the Rizal PPO said there was a 2.34 percentage points reduction in its Crime Clearance Efficiency from 97.78 percent in the previous period to 95.44 percent currently, while Crime Solution Efficiency went up by 4.13 percentage points from 82.97 percent to 87.10 percent since last October.