‘Glitches!’: Real-Life Unexplained Phenomena

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Posted: 24 Oct 2021 05:59 AM PDT

Glitches1Four real-life ‘glitch’ accounts, involving reoccurring people, bi-location, and other unexplained phenomena. Read it and tell me what you think.

The following accounts were forwarded to me:

“When I was in college I worked at a sports bar/restaurant in Colorado. Before I was able to become a waitress I had to be a hostess for a month. One Saturday we got pretty busy because there was a local baseball game happening. I was seating people pretty frequently throughout the afternoon.

Toward the end of the lunch rush, a couple came into the restaurant. I remember commenting on the women’s large turquoise necklace, telling her how pretty it was as I showed them to a table on the back patio, having some useless and polite conversation with them the whole time. I went and got them water and brought them to the table, told them their server would be with them shortly, then returned to the host stand.

About five minutes later the same couple walked into the restaurant and toward the host stand. I was very confused and asked if they needed to be reseated. The lady looked at me seemingly just as confused as I was and I noticed her large turquoise necklace again. The man said, “two please,” and I instinctively grabbed two menus and told them to follow me, thinking someone was playing a joke on me. I turned the corner to get a view out to the back patio where I sat the couple originally and saw that the table was empty. Per the couple’s request to sit outside again, I led them to the patio and noticed two waters and two menus sitting on the table already. I didn’t know what to do so I picked everything up and told them I would get them some new waters.

I made my way to the bar to get water and the waitress from the back patio section came up and asked if I was okay. She said that five minutes earlier she saw me walk to the patio holding two menus as if I was seating people but there was nobody there. Then I came back with water and put them down as if I was talking to people but the seats were still empty. She said she was on her way to come to check on me because she and other guests on the back porch were concerned about what I was doing talking to nobody. I asked if there were people there now and she looked confused and said, “yes.” So, from what I can gather I saw, talked to, and sat these two people before they actually came into the restaurant. I have no explanation for this and I’m wondering if anyone else has ever had an experience like this?” TS


“I was acting in a play in San Francisco. One of the lead actors blew his line and couldn’t recover. I watched him storm out a side exit door in front of 700 people. I thought to myself, “What the hell are we going to do NOW?!” I blinked my eyes and he was where he was supposed to be on stage, giving the correct lines! The play continued as if nothing happened. During the scene change, I was freaked out, telling anyone who’d listen about what just happened. Over the years, I’ve come to believe that I had momentarily caught a glimpse of a parallel universe. Where he DID walk off the stage? PS: William Shatner was sitting in the front row with a date that night.” CP


“When my parents were younger, they lived in Florida. My father had a lot of brothers, and they lived all scattered about the country. My mother was at the house alone, and one of my uncles came to their house and he had a friend with him who my mother had never met. My mother greeted them and was super happy to have visitors over since they didn’t get very many of them at the time. She welcomed them in and served them up a cup of coffee each.

She talked to them for a while, and then said she was going to go let my dad know that his brother was in town, while they waited. She went to my dad’s job and he was also happy to hear his brother was in town, so he took off early.

When they got back to the house, no one was there. But there were 2 full cups of coffee on the table. My mom assumed that they had just gone to the store and would be right back, but they waited a couple of hours and nothing. So my dad starts to call his other brother, who he was living with at the time, to see if they’ve heard from him, and he was still there. Like 3 states away. My dad thought my mom was lying and asked her why she would do something like that to him? Making him miss work and all that for a prank that wasn’t funny. But she insisted that it was true and that she wouldn’t have poured the coffee for no one. Also that she didn’t know the friend who was with my uncle, but that she would recognize him if she saw him.

A few months go by, and my uncle actually did go visit them. He showed up with a friend, and my mother recognized him immediately because it was the same friend that he showed up with that time she served them coffee. So my dad asks the guy if he had ever been to their house before, and he said no. But to this day, my mother insists that this event happened.” MR


“My mom told me a story about an experience that happened in the ’70s. My parents and baby me had been visiting my grandparents in Los Angeles and we were on our way back home to Idaho. We stopped in a small town in western Nevada. They stayed in a motel that my dad remembered staying in when he was a child and they were co-incidentally put in the same room. I don’t know if he remembered the motel before or after seeing the room.

The next morning dad was packing the car, or something, but wasn’t with my mom when she went to the diner with me in her arms. When she went in, the waitress greeted her by name and asked about baby me by name, then asked Mom if she wanted the usual. Mom asked what the usual was and the waitress listed off her usual diner breakfast order. Mom told me she had never been to the town before that visit, and my dad hadn’t been there since he was a child. She said it didn’t have a creepy or sinister feel it was just weird, and confusing.” LT

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