Geraldine Orozco Alien Abduction Is Most Convincing UFO Encounter With Medical Evidence: Ex-FBI Investigates

April 11, 2023 People's Tonight 1357 views

By Vicky Verma

Although thousands of abductions are reported annually, only a fraction of them are attributed to the so-called alien hybridization.

Hybridization involves experiments with reproductive organs, leading many victims to believe they are being used to cross-breed with alien life forms. One such incredible case is of a UFO abductee named Geraldine Orozco, who claimed to have been abducted eight times and was part of a top-secret alien hybrid breeding program. She is a skilled professional in various fields, including being an Intuitive DNA Reprogrammer, Ascension Coach, Speaker, Expo Host, and Hypnotherapist.

In the TV series “UFO Witness,” former FBI agent Ben Hansen visited Orozco to investigate her abduction case. She revealed to him that she had been pregnant for eight weeks when she miscarried. A fetus should have been visibly present. But even though her doctor confirmed Orozco was having the signs of a miscarriage, there was no sign of the fetus.

Orozco told Hansen: “I would see the doctor and see different doctors over the years, they wouldn’t know how to explain what had happened to me. And of course, neither did I. So then I said, okay, maybe I can’t have children.” In 2013, she had a vivid experience and claimed to have been abducted and taken onboard a spaceship.

“I was sleeping, and all of a sudden I wake up because there was a bright light in my room. And as I look down at my phone, it says 3:30 in the morning. And part of me was a little bit afraid at that moment because I was thinking, is there someone outside my window? So I look outside my window and the light is so bright that it’s burning my eyes.”

She continued: “And the next thing I know, my entire body paralyzes. And I feel my body being taken through the window. I was brought to a craft, I was paralyzed. This being comes next to me, and I’m terrified at this point, but I can’t even scream.” Orozco described it feeling as if her body was being pulled apart.

Hansen then asked her to describe the alien. She recalled encountering six tall humanoids (typical Greys). “They are these grays they have these giant eyes. The Greys, also known as the Zeta Reticulans, are said to be tall, slender creatures with large eyes and gray skin,” Orozco explained.


Geraldine2Orozco claimed that the aliens introduced her to her 8 hybrid children and imparted intriguing knowledge. “This being is showing me these children. As I’m looking at these children and I see what they look like, they’re not all the way human. This gray, thin skin, a much bigger head, and these giant eyes that are so deep and so profound and so complex. It was just incredible. But what I recognized as I’m meeting the child is that it’s mine. It looks like me. It has something that is a part of me.”

Orozco had always wondered why she could not get pregnant, despite her and her partner’s efforts to conceive a child. She thought it was just a case of miscarriages. But one night, everything changed. She realized that her unborn children were not lost to miscarriages, but instead were taken from her womb and experimented on by extraterrestrial beings.

During her harrowing experience, she witnessed her unborn child being mutated with alien DNA, leaving her feeling helpless and confused.

“As I’m seeing the child in front of me, I know that it’s mine, and I’m wanting to take care of them. And before I start to feel that, they immediately remove everything away from me. And then I’m opening my eyes, and I’m upside down on the end of my bed,” she explained.

Orozco’s experience was not a dream, but a real-life encounter with alien beings. She was abducted from her home in the early hours of the morning and taken aboard a spacecraft for experimentation. As she tried to piece together what had happened to her, she realized that this had been going on for years, and she was not alone. According to her, over a million women claim to have similar experiences.

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This experience activated her psychic abilities and allowed her to access exalted multidimensional knowledge. However, upon returning to her normal life, she discovered that this experience had resulted in her becoming hypersensitive to the human electromagnetic field.

To learn more about what had happened to her, Orozco underwent regression sessions with hypnotherapists. During those sessions, she uncovered memories of repeated abductions since childhood and gained insight into the reasons behind her early abduction experiences.

Orozco was surprised to discover that she channeled information about the universe and ancient DNA alterations on planet Earth during those regressions. In November 2017, she underwent the second regression that delved deeper into each abduction experience to understand the hybridization program and how it operates among humans. During the session, she also learned about her own origins and discovered that she had participated in human hybridization, resulting in the birth of 24 hybrid children. (Source)

During her interview with Ben Hansen, Orozco shared with him her medical records and ultrasounds that provide physical evidence that strongly suggest her story is true.

Geraldine3Geraldine ultrasound shows a cyst that she claimed and the doctor said that the size of the cyst and the way that it developed was like somebody that had children.

Geraldine4Geraldine showing her medical records to Ben Hansen. Image Credit: Discovery+

She said that she had developed a cyst and the doctor said that the size of the cyst and the way that it developed was like somebody that had children. The cyst was a physical marker of her traumatic experiences, and it helped to confirm what had been happening to her. Despite this, no medical explanation could be found for the mysterious disappearance of her fetuses.

Orozco’s claim of an alien-hybridization program is not surprising as John Ramirez, a former CIA official said that the CIA was interested in the hybridization of humans, and he was told by two top officials (their names are classified) that they discovered an alien DNA in the human genome. (Click here to read the full article)

“I give credence to the fact that Roswell actually happened. I will believe personally that bodies were recovered and if these bodies were examined and then their DNA was examined and they know what that alien genome looks like and they look at humans and they can identify the same sequences in the human genome. I think that was what led them to believe that there’s a hybridization of humans and they further said in this one-day symposium that… they have not only alien DNA but enhanced alien DNA.”

Moreover, Ramirez mentioned in an interview with Project Unity that humans are hybrids. He suggested that Elizondo refrains from using the term “hybridization,” but the Pentagon staff expects him to do so eventually. On the “Theories of Everything” podcast, Lue Elizondo, former Director of Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) explored the idea that non-human intelligence may have been interacting with humans for an extended period. This would imply that we have all forgotten about our own past, which would hide the possibility that we are hybrids of humans and extraterrestrials.