Genius Russian Child Claims He is From Mars, Will Save Humanity from Nuclear Destruction; Who Is Boriska Kipriyanovich?

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Ron Jefferson 

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A Russian child named Boriska Kipriyanovich claimed to be a Martian and was reborn on Earth to begin a new life cycle. The boy expressed many thoughts about the red planet Mars and the vast space. The so-called astronomical knowledge of the child was first displayed back in 2017 when he was 11 years old.

Boriska Kipriyanovich: Russian Boy from Mars

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Boriska Kipriyanovich alleged that he is a Martian-turned-human. He claimed that his race disappeared from Mars due to a nuclear war that took place a thousand years ago. According to the kid, there are numerous clues that point out the same outcome on Earth, and it may happen very soon. To prevent human extinction from happening, Kipriyanovich explained that he was sent to relay a warning for Earth’s citizens. The main interest of the boy upon his arrival was to save the fate of humanity from the unfortunate disaster that happened to his people.

Kipriyanovich narrated how he remembers the exact events from the time when he was still a Martian pilot. The Russian boy said that everything went disastrous, from the unleashing of the apocalyptic nuclear war between two factions of the red planet to the travel he had gone through from Mars to Earth. According to The US Sun report, Kipriyanovich said that there are still a few of his species that survived the extinction, and they are in the process of reconstructing the architecture of the planet as well as building new kinds of advanced weapons, all for defense. Kipriyanovich mentioned that many of the Martians age up to 35 years and maintain their physical features until they die.

Kipriyanovich is a genius child. According to his mom, he held his head up without any support at just two weeks old. The doctor also claimed that he started speaking only a few months later and could read, draw, and paint when he was only one and a half years old. When he started nursery, his teachers were surprised at his incredible writing, language talents, and memory.

The researchers described Kipriyanovich as an “extremely shy young man with above-average intelligence.”

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Possibility of Life on Mars

Although there are many people who claim reincarnation or being reborn from a different cosmic species, there is no scientific evidence that proves the stories’ authenticity. First, living on Mars is more than hellish than people expect. The red plant’s conditions are above extreme that even humans with astronomical experience could die.

A recent study called the AMADEE-20 project was recently conducted in Israel’s Mitzpe Ramon crater to examine many organisms and technologies under the harsh conditions of Mars. The simulation included several factors that would make both the specimens and the experts proceed with the research while being affected by the environmental quality of the planet. However, mission leader Sophie Gruber said that they notched down the simulation’s conditions to prevent any accidents and death of participating experts, as strictly following the red planet’s environment would be impossible for both the scientists and the proceedings of the research.

If Kipriyanovich implied that he actually lived on Mars, evident effects must also be expressed not just by his physical features but also by his health condition. This is because the radiation levels in the red planet are spiking that making it an impossible habitat for any living creatures. According to a study, there may have been natural terrains that could be effective in protecting any being on Mars from the destructive radiations, but the question of whether Kipriyanovich and his people used these anti-radiation shields remains unsolved.

Kipriyanovich, who calls himself the ‘Indigo Child,’ said that the changes in humanity’s fate would begin once the Great Sphinx on Egypt had been opened through the mechanism behind its ears.