Gary and Chito talk about investing in love

November 30, 2022 Ian F. Fariñas 1012 views


True love takes time and effort to grow. Celebrity dads Gary Valenciano and Chito Miranda say their definitions of love and commitment have changed through the years.

For them, love also means keeping your loved ones protected from any eventuality. This is why they were chosen by AIA Philippines and BPI AIA to encourage more Filipinos to express their love both in words and in actions.

Filipino fans can find videos of their music idols talking about love on the AIA Philippines and BPI AIA Facebook pages.

“Love always changes just as situations and circumstances change. Outlooks and perspectives change too. Even in marriage, change and vows are tested through years of being together. It’s only here where you see what unconditional love is all about. The challenges and tests are meant to deepen and broaden what love means to any individual,” says Gary.

Chito shares, “Love, for me, changed, not only in definition, but also how it felt, when I became a husband and a dad. Before, it simply meant being attached to someone emotionally. Now, it means, prioritizing someone else’s happiness, and overall well-being above one’s self, and being happy with it.”

The pandemic gave rise to many life realizations. For Gary, it was the importance of treasuring the moments you have with your loved ones.

“It was a time none of us had ever experienced before. We hardly saw each other in 2020! It wasn’t easy how life became for my children. I knew they were struggling, but during the pandemic there was only so much that any parent like myself could do.”

He says he also now values his audiences more. “The pandemic has been the link that sort of bonds us as it was that one event that hit us all in ways we would never have expected. Cherishing time together is so important.” It also made him feel the grace and goodness of God, who kept him and his family safe and provided for.

Chito says his priorities were reshuffled during the pandemic. “I gained a much deeper understanding of what really matters in life, and what my priorities should be. My family’s health and safety have always been my priority, but the pandemic showed me how I should properly prepare to secure their health and safety, and how important it is to spend time with family, and to focus on things that we often took for granted.”

Both dads say that they also realized the importance of keeping their family secure through protection from the trusted insurance coverage of AIA Philippines and BPI AIA, which has over 85 years of combined experience in helping people live healthier, longer, better lives.

“We are excited that Chito, a long time BPI AIA customer, has signed on to be our Brand Ambassador. With Chito at the frontline of this campaign for BPI AIA, we are able reach more Filipinos who might still not be thinking about getting protection for themselves and their loved ones, despite their experience during the pandemic,” discloses Surendra Menon, BPI AIA Chief Executive Officer.

“For AIA Philippines, Gary will continue to help us tell our story of saving lives, as we remain committed to fulfilling our mission of racing against risk to protect more Filipinos. There’s no better way to express our love and responsibility for those we love than the gift of protection, as this will help ensure that dreams will be fulfilled no matter what curveballs life throws our way,” expounds Kelvin Ang, AIA Philippines Chief Executive Officer. “Together, AIA Philippines and BPI AIA will bring to life our Purpose of helping people live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.”