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Gaces to create stronger police-community partnerships

April 30, 2023 Christian D. Supnad 162 views

CAMP GEN LIM, Laguna — A top police official here has vowed to bring the police closer to the public in the wake of controversies on illegal drugs, rocking and demoralizing the PNP organization, resulting to the lost of trust by the public of the police.

Newly-designated regional police director for Southern tagalog, B/Gen. Carlito M. Gaces, vowed to “create stronger community partnerships and strengthen our community engagements by sustaining the community mobilization program of Police Regional Office 4 (PRO4A.)”

A full-blooded Ilocano, General Gaces who hails from Ilocos Norte, has also encouraged the local leaders, government agencies, and the community to work closely with the PNP for Crime Prevention and Solution which he said is “the best achieved through a Unified Action against crime.”

“Pagmalasakitan natin ang ating mga kababayan at magtulungan po tayo!”, said the Ilocano police general.

People’s Journal Tonight learned that General Gaces, dubbed as “Tsunami” by his peers and friends, was earlier offered government juicy position but he reportedly declined and preferred to become a police general to further serve the public where he can be more effective being a police general.

Gaces said that he will look forward to developing a God-centered police organization with God-fearing and respected police officers.

The action of General Gaces followed by controversies involving top police officials in illegal drugs, losing trust by the public.

Gaces believes that bringing police to God closer can be achieved to regain the trust of the public as he vowed to strengthen and sustain internal cleansing and moral enhancement program with the help of KASIMBAYANAN community advisers.

He warned that “Everyone must toe-the-line and those who dare to challenge my leadership, the law and the rules I forewarned you to STOP, STOP, STOP!”

Also, In Ilocos Norte, the KASIMBAYANAN program of Col Julius Suriben, police director, has not only resulted to various accomplishments but also gained the trust and support of the public officials and the community, making Ilocos Norte, home province of President Marcos, one of the most peaceful provinces in the country.

Gaces will lead PRO 4-A, one of the most populous regions, by sustaining the intensified police’s campaign against illegal drugs, criminality, and insurgency to keep the economic vibrancy of CALABARZON.

“To those who wish to avail of various Government programs under EO 70 s 2018 or ELCAC, the Philippine Anti-Drug Strategy and the BIDA Program, we are willing to help you in your reformation and reintegration. Every police station shall serve as a bridge for sustainable peace and development,” Gen. Gaces added.