Frasco Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco

Frasco lauds ASEAN

February 4, 2023 Cristina Lee-Pisco 204 views
Tourism Ministers from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) join hands in the traditional ASEAN handshake to signal the start of the 26th Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers. Tourism Chief Christina Garcia Frasco led the Philippine contingent to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Source: Department of Tourism-Philippines

For harnessing cultural strength of member nations

TOURISM Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco lauded efforts of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in harnessing the cultural strengths of the member nations.

“We view our ASEAN neighbors who have harnessed their cultural strength. We seek to learn from you because you have excelled in this regard and we are encouraged that by the continued focus on preserving the cultural heritage, we can continue as a force for good in the world as far as tourism development is concerned,” said Frasco during the 26th Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers on Saturday.

The DOT chief also commended the work of the national tourism organizations (NTOs) as driver for making ASEAN as a powerhouse destination in comparison with other regions in the world.

“We would also like to commend the work of the NTOs and its comprehensive presentation of all the agreements that have been made as well as the work plan that has been approved,” the tourism chief added.

Frasco expressed her gratitude for the inclusion of cruise tourism in the association’s work plan this year.

She said cruise tourism has a massive potential to position ASEAN as a powerhouse destination for tourism in comparison with other regions in the world.

“I am pleased to report that in the Philippines, we are expecting no less than 139 ports of call to visit 46 of our destinations. I am very excited to connect with our ASEAN neighbors to develop how we can have drop off points from one country to another,” she said.

The Tourism chief also expressed support for ASEAN’s push toward focusing on nature-based tourism and sustainability, citing that such a move signifies the importance of preserving destinations for the long term.