Frasco: Aid underdeveloped tourist spots

July 20, 2022 Cristina Lee-Pisco 412 views

TOURISM Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco on Tuesday instructed the officials of the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) to reach out to the local government units (LGUs) especially those that still have underdeveloped destinations to assist them in the tourism-related requirements.

Frasco’s order was made to provide equal opportunity to lesser-known tourist destinations that have yet to be developed.

The Tourism Chief is keen on strengthening projects and programs granted by the TPB to LGUs all over the country, by exploring tourism areas and communities that could be further improved.

“We foresee a Department of Tourism that is not only focused on the crafting of national policy but, more importantly, to be in touch with the realities on the ground, to give attention to sites, peoples, products that have not necessarily been given equal opportunity to be developed, to reach out to all regional offices, all of our partners in the local government units, to extend to them the hand of collaboration from the Department of Tourism, and to send across the message that we are here to help the industry arise and recover,” she said.

Frasco met with the officers of the TPB where concerns and challenges encountered by the agency were threshed out. Frasco sits as Chairman of the Board of the TPB which is the marketing arm of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

She directed the TPB to consult and collaborate “with the realities on the ground” and give attention to sites, peoples, products to send a message that the Department is ready to extend a helping hand for the tourism industry to get back on track and boost recovery.

Frasco explained the collaborative and consultative approach is in alignment with the overall vision of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for the tourism industry “to become one of the major economic pillars for the Philippines” under his administration.

“We must not only continue to do the work that we have been doing, but we must exert extra effort to give everything that we can within what is humanly possible, to ensure that our Department becomes one of the major economic contributors in the Marcos administration,” Frasco stressed.

Among the topics and issues discussed during the hybrid meeting are the ongoing programs and promotions of the agency, and upcoming domestic and international activities.

The DOT chief also underscored the need to maximize the use of Travel App 2.0, an application that highlights key and emerging destinations in the country.

She emphasized, the digitalization of tourism products and offerings, is a priority under the Marcos Administration.

Frasco was joined by Chief of Staff and Undersecretary-designate Atty. Mae Elaine Bathan and Undersecretary-designate Atty. Shereen Gail Pamintuan.

Meanwhile, the tourism chief, also had a series of meetings with various operating units including the discussion with officials of the Tourism Regulation, Coordination, and Resource Generation (TRCRG) on infrastructure development, incentives for accreditation, and manpower.