January 18, 2023 People's Tonight 118 views

WE do not know our destination. In reality we don’t get everything we want. As the world spins we travel through the void with no certainty. We meet and interact with many people. Someone who you thought was true turns out to be not. But there is also someone who will be true to you but over time will leave you because he has his own path that he needs to walk without you. We have plans that we cannot continue because of the obstacles we go through. Sometimes in our journey through the chaotic world we meet someone who will teach us how to live and love truly.

We go through many trials to be strong. We will definitely experience being hurt so much and regretting the time spent with someone we loved. Even if our world collapses, over time we will gradually be able to stand up and continue living.

We can find or meet someone who we can say is our destiny. Even if there are many obstacles or trials, you still have that one true love. A person who will love you purely and serve you forever. It is true that many trials will challenge your marriage but these will serve as the shield and bond to make your relationship stronger. Nothing is perfect. The only important thing is that you accept each other’s weaknesses and flaws. Thank you Lord because I have found my one great love.

Luzviminda S. Clemente,Teacher III, Iba Elementary School, Hagonoy, Bulacan