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Foo Fighter Dave Grohl Talks UFOs and Aliens

October 7, 2021 People's Tonight 726 views

Paul Seaburn October 6, 2021

If there is any rock star who deserves to be associated with UFOs, it’s soon-to-be-two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Dave Grohl founder and lead singer of Foo Fighters (being inducted on October 30th) and drummer for Nirvana (inducted in 2014). B.G. (Before Grohl), foo fighters was the term used by World War II fighter pilots for unidentified flying objects. Grohl knew this, but says he chose the name because he didn’t think too many other people would and it would keep his demo record off the radar until he figured out if it was any good. Really! The rest of course is rock history – Foo Fighters is going to the Rock Hall despite Grohl’s feeling that “Had I actually considered this to be a career, I probably would have called it something else, because it’s the stupidest fucking band name in the world.”

Grohl is currently on a book tour promoting “The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music,” his memoir written during the coronavirus shutdown and told more by themes than chronology. For paranormal fans, the best part is Grohl’s comments to the BBC on UFOs.

“Oh, I’m a total UFO nerd and I have been for decades. So I’ve been following it – but what’s happening now, I don’t think is new.”

Grohl was in the paranormal news in 2020 when he revealed that he and the band believed ghosts were messing with their equipment while they recorded in what they later believed to be a haunted house in Encino, California. This time, he’s talking UFOs and his “decades” estimate is true – the demo tape under the name Foo Fighters was recorded between 1990-1994.

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“I’m of the belief that that we are not alone, and I’m totally okay with that, you know? It doesn’t really change my day too much. But I’m the romantic type. When I look up at the stars I think, “God, I hope we’re not alone.” What a drag that would be.”

Dave Grohl is often called the “nicest guy in rock music” and he would be the same way to aliens. When asked what he would do if a spaceship hovered over an outdoor concert, he said he’d decline to board it (the man is loyal to the ticketholders first) but would invite them “over to my place.”

“Why not? Throw a barbecue for some aliens.”

Actually, he’d probably study up on their diets and offer them something closer to their home cooking. In an interview in 2015, Grohl revealed that had he not become a rocker, he would have gone with astrophysicist, saying “I spend most of my time online in the science section of Google news. It’s what I do all day long.”

PlaneAh … the life of a rock star. It sounds like Dave Grohl would be the perfect musical ambassador of Earth should we be visited by extraterrestrials. Do we really want them to think we’re all like Keith Richard, Ron Wood, Tom Delonge and other rockers who’ve had ET or UFO encounters? And, based on his other coronavirus activity promoting young drummer Nandi Bushell, he’d probably has them to sit in with the band … isn’t rock music the true universal language?

Live Performance Dave Grohl and Nandi Bushell at The Forum LA jamming Ev… 

Let’s just hope they don’t want their band name back.