‘Farm to Table’ celebrates two years of heartwarming food journey

February 11, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 146 views

The epic culinary adventure never stops as GTV’s Farm to Table marks its two years of discovering sustainable farms and sharing healthy food options by Filipino chef JR Royol.

As part of their anniversary celebration, the program will air four special episodes beginning February 19.

Join Chef JR in another fun journey as he visits their ancestral home in the picturesque Barlig, Mountain Province.

Together with his wife, son and relatives, Chef JR will commemorate the traditions of their Igorot clan and explores the strong farm-to-table culture of the Barlig communities.

Learn how to prepare tapuey, the Igorot traditional rice wine, and etag, the well-known delicacy in Mountain Province that can be used in everyday cooking.

He and his family will also gather to prepare pinikpikan and perform the pattong, an Igorot expression of thanksgiving through gongs and dances.

Moreover, viewers will witness some of the best tourist spots in Barlig including the Karanag Falls and Lake Tufob.

Chef JR will also give the audience a taste of Mountain Province’s coffee culture and a glimpse of the famous Lias Ponkan.

Tune in as he incorporates these in unique dishes like coffee chocolate chicken, coffee-rub barbecue and braised citrus duck.

The exciting trip will continue as the host dives into one of the nearby streams to catch local fish and prepare kachiw salad, chalet rice bowl, and amti chalet soup.

Lastly, this anniversary special acknowledges the most precious produce of Barlig, which is rice.

Chef JR will take the audience on a quick tour of his family’s rice terraces in Al-long and share more about the heirloom rice variety called chor-chor-os.

Amid these appetizing food adventures, the host will meet various like-minded people with stories about their own farming journeys.

It is indeed a meaningful experience to be surrounded by inspiring people, a relaxing environment and hearty meals.

Celebrate family, food and culture in the anniversary special of Farm to Table beginning February 19, every Sunday, 7 p.m., on GMA Network’s GTV channel.