Fake news

April 1, 2022 Lee Ann P. Ducusin 203 views

THE Partido Federal ng Pilipinas on Thursday described as fake news an alleged statement declaring support for Isko Moreno’s presidential bid which was issued by Abubakar Mangelen, who claims to be the party’s national chairman.

Gen. Tom GT Lantion, PFP National Secretary-General, stressed that the PFP is endorsing only one candidate, Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr., who is the party’s standard-bearer.

“The Legitimate and accredited PFP National Directorate, PFP officers’ men and women members vehemently condemn in strongest terms the irresponsible fake announcement of an impostor Mangelen about PFP’s support transferring to Isko,” he said in a statement.

Lantion further pointed out that Mangelen and his cohorts filed a disqualification case with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) against Marcos, duly-elected PFP National Chairman.

However, it was thrown out and unanimously dismissed by the second division, which was chaired by Commissioner Socorro Inting, for lack of merit.

“It was just a mere scrap of paper. The Mangelen resolution is without basis, null and void, fake news!” he added.

Lantion also disclosed that the PFP general counsel and legal officer will file a case of usurpation and other criminal acts committed by Mangelen, who, he reiterated, was an impostor.

He issued the statement in reaction to reports that the alleged original officers and members of the PFP surfaced Wednesday in Iligan City to throw their full support behind Moreno, Aksyon Demokratiko presidential candidate.

Mangelen, who is also a commissioner at the National Commission on Muslim Affairs, affirmed the PFP’s endorsement by reading out the resolution of the party, formally endorsing Moreno during his campaign rally in Iligan City, with other officers and members of PFP seated at the stage behind him.

Marcos took his oath as the party’s chairman before he filed his candidacy for president in October last year, and became the party’s standard-bearer.