Fake news decried

March 4, 2022 People's Journal 240 views

THE chief of staff and spokesperson of presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongnong” Marcos Jr. has denounced fake information circulated and attributed to him on social media.

Atty. Vic Rodriguez made it clear that the statement being attributed to him, with the title, “WALA NG DEBATE PARA SA MGA KANDIDATO NG UNITEAM MAGMULA PRESIDENTE HANGGANG KONSEHAL,” is a complete falsity and lie.

“It’s fake news or false information aimed at keeping the truth from our countrymen. There is no such statement coming from me nor the BBM-Sara UniTeam. This stunt is part of the continuing ‘gutter politics’ our adversaries have employed against presidential candidate Marcos and, out of desperation, will only get worse as we progress with our campaign,” he said.

Rodriguez told the source of the misinformation: “This election is all about the future and as such, we the Filipino people deserve more than your gutter strategy. I appeal to those behind this to please respect the intellect and dignity of the people, and practice restraint in the spread of your fake news and outrageous lies.”

He told the fake news fabricator that the “time has come for you to show love for our country and we invite you to join us in our efforts to elevate the level of discourse and end your destructive culture of gutter politics.”