‘Faceless’ Man Encountered by East Texas Family

May 11, 2022 People's Tonight 361 views

Posted: 09 May 2022 05:14 AM PDT

Faceless1A father and his children are driving home at night. When they reach the railroad crossing, they see a man walking along the side of the road. As they slowed the car, they noticed that the man had no face!

The following account was forwarded to me:

“I live way out in the country in a forest in east Texas, with my 19-year-old daughter and my 8-year-old son. My mother and my wife lived with us, but we lost my mother in August 2018 to liver failure, and then we lost my wife in November 2018, due to complications of stroke and pneumonia. So it’s just us now.

One night, not too long ago, we were coming back from town. It was about 10:30PM, and out where we live there are no street lights. I had just past the cemetery, and was coming up to the railroad crossing that is about 1/4 mile from the turn off to our house. I was slowing down to cross the tracks.

At my 1 o’clock position, I saw a man just standing there at the RR crossing. He looked like he might have been anywhere from his early to late 20s. He was wearing a grey hoody with a jean jacket, and dark pants. He had shoulder length dark hair.

I thought it was an odd place to be standing, but what do I care. As I crossed the tracks, my headlights hit him full on, and I was less than 10 feet from him. I could have sworn, he did not have a face! No nose, no eyes, no mouth, no features at all, just a blank grey place where his face should be.

I did a double take but by that time I had passed him and it was dark. Surely, I must have imagined that! Surely. Then my daughter who was in the passenger seat and even closer to him when we passed turned to me as white as a sheet. She asks, “Did you see that guy at the RR tracks? He didn’t have a face!”

I don’t know what to make of it. I certainly wasn’t going to go back to investigate with my children in the car! When I got to our gate, you could make out the RR crossing, but I could not see if someone was there. I made the sign of the cross, got out to open the gate and kept a hand on my 9mm. Haven’t seen it again since that night.” TP

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