Exploring Tagaytay

July 17, 2021 People's Tonight 756 views

Make it memorable with CitiGlobal

TAGAYTAY offers the perfect getaway, whether for an adventure of a lifetime or just a quick escape from the busy (boring, for some) city life. Here are some of the best activities to create that vacation you have been looking for.

A perfect mox of urban, rural life

Tagaytay City combines urban and rural life. In some instances, you will find yourself enjoying your favorite espresso or savoring a steaming hot bowl of “bulalo” amid a beautiful backdrop of Taal Volcano. You can also do some much-needed shopping without heavy traffic or take a stroll outside and just breathe some fresh air and experience that perfect cool weather.

Food trips

When you’re in Tagaytay, don’t miss the chance to try its exquisite local cuisine and delicacies. Aside from bulalo, Tagaytay is also a paradise for sweet delicacies ranging from buko tarts to buko pies, ube jams, champorado, raisin bread, and many more.

The perfect ‘ukay-ukay’

Tagaytay vendors offer everything you need from simple but fashionable clothes, household items, gadget accessories to even plants for the “Plantitos” and “Plantitas.”

Property hunting

Investing in real estate properties in Tagaytay has shown progress for investors with its accessibility and livable environment.

Its city life allows you to entertain yourself with simple, mundane yet satisfying and relaxing activities. You will also get the chance to watch a magnificent sunset until you see the bright stars and moon in the beautiful, unpolluted night sky. The amenities are so good that some people just want to settle here instead.

As a Filipino real estate developer offering affordable and income-generating properties, CitiGlobal Realty and Development Inc. boasts of its master-planned community development as it took advantage of the uniqueness found in Metro Tagaytay.

Built along Alfonso, Cavite near Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBex), CitiGlobal’s Tagaytay Clifton Resort Suites (TCRS), and Tagaytay Fontaine Villas (TFV) allow middle-class families to enjoy luxurious country living without losing touch of primary institutions such as malls, theme parks, hospitals, schools, and churches.

TCRS and TFV are only two of CitiGlobal’s real estate developments, revolutionizing the Filipino mindset on leisure properties while giving new investment opportunities for ordinary working-class Filipinos, especially Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW).

To learn more about CitiGlobal, visit its website at or send them an email at for inquiries. If you have properties to offer, you may reach them via Viber (0949-889-3252)