Experts: Being dad won’t have negative effects on Diego

June 19, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 258 views

IN time for Father’s Day, Diego Loyzaga (as well as his dad Cesar Montano) looks like he’s paying tribute to all dads.

It was a secret at first but went viral via Instagram when he was shown carrying a baby and indeed, it’s now out that Diego is now a father. So little is known about the mother who is non- showbiz and the rumor has it that they met in Sydney, Australia, but some say she is a Pinay from Manila and Diego decided to bring her to Australia to give birth to the baby.

But whatever, industry experts say it won’t have a negative effect on his career. He survived without a loveteam, and Diego is a good actor who inherited the acting skills of his father and talent will prevail in the end.

A prized possesion of Viva, Diego has a new film with Julia Barretto titled “Will You Be My Ex?”

What is the movie all about?

It is an emotional rollercoaster ride with Julia and Diego as they play Chris and Joey respectively in the movie, “Will You Be My Ex?”, a Studio Viva and Firestarters production presented by Viva Films. Chris and Joey are college sweethearts. Chris is a carefree girl from a family of artists who loves acting. Joey is the quiet type, and being the responsible guy, he is able to balance Chris’ impulsiveness. They take their relationship seriously and already have plans for their future together. Unfortunately, their plans don’t push through.

Years after their devastating breakup, their paths cross again. Each is committed to other people, but the spark between them cannot be denied. As they become part of each other’s lives, who is brave enough to bring up the unresolved matters from the past?

From lovers to exes, now Chris and Joey might just have a shot at being friends. But can exes truly be friends? Or is it just love disguised as friendship? Will it mend or break their hearts?

“Will You Be My Ex?” is Julia and Diego’s first project together after ten years. They were first paired in ABS-CBN’s “Wansapanataym: Petrang Paminta”, followed by the primetime drama, “Mirabella”.

Fresh from the theatrical success of “Expensive Candy” that also became a chart-topper in Prime Video, Julia is set to show her artistic and “hugot” side in “Will You Be My Ex?” She also ventured into vlogging doing travelogues and do various contents

Diego, on the other hand, has starred in various movies for cinema and streaming platforms like “Martyr or Murderer,” “Greed,” and “How to Love Mr. Heartless.”

Isko might save ‘Eat Bulaga’

IskoEAT Bulaga” new hosts headed by Paolo Contis must have felt devastated over the unkind comments like describing them as unknown host whose jokes are flat. Contis, who is neither a good host nor a comedian, is a big letdown.

Now, a big asset arrives in Isko Moreno whose infectious sense of humor might salvage the show from sinking. By REMY UMEREZ