Ex-CIA Pilot Claimed To Receive 25 Secret CIA Memos About Aliens On Earth

January 24, 2023 People's Tonight 5151 views

By Vicky Verma

John Lear, a former CIA pilot, passed away on March 29, 2022, leaving behind a legacy in the world of aviation and conspiracy theories. He was widely known for his claims about UFOs and Area 51, but also for a lifetime of daring exploits in everything that could fly. He was the son of American inventor Bill Lear, who created the Lear jet and invented the 8-Track tape system.

Determined to carve out his own path, Lear delved into aviation, becoming an accomplished pilot at a young age, setting multiple world records in various planes. Despite his accomplishments, his daredevil lifestyle resulted in serious injuries from plane crashes that he should not have survived.

During the Vietnam era, Lear flew cargo planes for the CIA and continued to seek out danger by flying in and out of other hotspots. He had numerous contacts in the aerospace industry and became interested in secret planes and projects.

In the 1980s, Lear and a few friends began investigating obscure bases in the Nevada desert, which later became famous. His claims about UFOs and Area 51 and his lifetime of daredevil exploits in the skies will forever be remembered.

Lear’s appearance in “On the Record,” which aired on January 28, 1988, on KLAS TV in Las Vegas, startled the UFO discussion and told investigative journalist George Knapp that the government even housed aliens at two U.S. sites. Lear said the government was engaged in a program to gradually inform the public of encounters that had already happened.

Knapp1George Knapp interviews John Lear on a 1987 broadcast of “On the Record.” Image credit: KLAS-TV

According to Lear, there are at least 70 different species of aliens. He specifically mentioned the existence of “little green men” as well as “little grey ones,” who are about 4 and a half feet tall. He also talked about the existence of “Nordics,” which are similar in appearance to humans, but are taller and have blond hair and blue eyes. He stated that one of those species was recovered from a crash and was stored on ice.

Lear claimed that there are good and bad aliens and they have all kinds of ways to interact with humans. “And what are some of the reasons? Why would they be here?” Knapp asked. Lear replied: “Genetic experiments.” He further said that “movies such as E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind were carefully guided by representatives from MJ-12, who is this organization that is in charge of the coverup, in order to get us ready for the release of the information that there are indeed, aliens.”

Lear believed that everything started with the Roswell crash in 1947. He claimed that in September 1945, President Truman established MJ-12, and the purpose of that was to study the saucers and cover up the existence of UFOs. He told Knapp that four alien bodies were recovered from a crash and were autopsied by Dr. Detlev Bronk.

They were named “EBEs” (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) and three live EBEs were captured in different crashes. EBE1 lived with an Air Force Colonel between 1949 and 1952. The EBEs were kept in an electromagnetic facility called a YY-2, which was designed by Dr. Eric Wang who worked under Dr. Kissinger and was involved in the coverup of the incident since the beginning.

Lear said: “The reason they have to create an electromagnetic facility is the fact that the EBEs are so advanced, they’re there at least a half a billion years advanced from us, and probably more…

And they can also disappear. But they can’t move by thought through an electromagnetic facility, so they built this facility. There was two, one in Los Alamos and one either Edwards (AFB) or at the Test Site.”

Lear discussed the existence of extraterrestrial beings at Groom Lake, Nevada, also known as Area 51. He stated that there was still a living extraterrestrial biological entity (EBE) known as EBE3 and that there was a tape of an interview with this being. However, Lear did not see the tape and was unaware of what language was used in the interviewers. He also mentioned that he had been given 25 secret CIA memos on his trip to gather information, and one of the memos mentioned that EBE3 wanted to see the ocean and that arrangements needed to be made or the EBE would “disappear again.”

Knapp asked if these beings can exist among us and if they need a special environment. Lear stated that they have a special environment, special air, and can only last about 20 minutes in Earth’s air.

Lear also claimed that the grey EBEs are the ones that are most commonly seen and that there are different motives for their presence on Earth. He suggested that a deal was made with them, as they are trying to regenerate their own race. This is because their digestive system is atrophied and they could no longer eat through their mouths. Instead, they obtain hormones and enzymes from cattle and spread it on their skin for nutrients, excreting the waste back to their skin.

On March 29, 1989, Lear and his friends including Bob Lazar recorded a video of the object, a glowing disc that rose from a facility on the outskirts of Area 51 that officially did not exist. Ironically, March 29 was the same date Lear died at his Las Vegas home, though many years later.

During the interview, Lear discussed his knowledge of two incidents involving UFOs. The first incident occurred in July 1987, when an enormous UFO is said to have followed a cargo plane over Anchorage, Alaska. The second incident took place in 1975, where UFOs were reportedly seen hovering over Strategic Air Command bases.

Knapp: You’ve said before you thought that a lot of their intentions were hostile and you’ve mentioned before that a lot of the sightings around the military bases. Why don’t we see them here? Las Vegas, we’ve got a lot of military bases here.

Lear: Well, the in fact there have been a lot of a lot of reports of UFOs in around Las Vegas, not specifically over the Air Force bases. We have the Test Site and of course, we don’t know what’s going on there, and we have Nellis Air Force Base. But there have not really been a lot of sightings over there. The main Air Force sightings were in 1975. And the UFOs descended on every Strategic Air Command base guarding the perimeter of the northern United States. They hovered over the nuclear weapons storage area and they stayed there with impunity for up to two and three hours over a period of three days.

“The problem is not only just the fact that there are five and as many as 10 different civilizations visiting us. Apparently, and this is from the research that I’ve done, at least 90% of them are hostile. And when I say hostile, if not hostile, they have a completely different set of morals than we do,” he added.

The following statement by the ex-CIA pilot is also worth noting: “The moon is an artificial body that was dragged to our planet, as a result of which an ice age broke out on Earth that killed all living things.” In fact, the circumstances of the appearance of the moon in outer space are not exactly known, and no one has seen the back of the moon.

Lear also explained in his interview how Moon had been created in Jupiter and brought to Earth’s orbit about 15,000 years ago, which was nearly around the last Ice Age. Besides, he said that the Greys are on the moon as well, but mainly remain underground within huge laboratories.

John Lear claimed that NASA sent astronauts to Mars in 1966, and that the astronauts had undergone extensive preparation for the mission, including taking drugs to adapt to the Martian climate. He also alleged that those astronauts were able to breathe the thin atmosphere on Mars, allowing for longer missions on the planet.

Lear mentioned that there are several notable figures from various fields, such as military, espionage, and aeronautics who corroborated these claims, including Colonel Philip Corso, David Wilcock, Glen Steckling, Henry Deacon, Barr Digregorio and Gilbert Levin, and they are not considered as madmen but are the key figures in space research.