Even Skeptics Like Me Find Recent UFO Sightings Baffling

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What Is a UFO?

Most people believe that an Unidentified Flying Object (“UFO”) is the same thing as an extraterrestrial spacecraft. However, nothing could be any further from the truth. A UFO is simply an object sighted or observed in the sky that nobody has been able to identify yet. In other words, a UFO could be a military aircraft that is being tested that people do not know about. If they happen to see it flying over them in the sky one day or one evening, this could be described as a UFO. It could also be some kind of optical effect that scientists are yet to explain.

There is a whole myriad of possibilities that could explain these UFO sightings. Recently there has been a number of such sightings throughout the United States of America and even over the Pacific Ocean. The Pentagon has become involved in investigating these sightings. Joseph Morris talks about them and provides camera footage of them in his two videos below.

Joseph Morris Shows Video Footage of UFOs

Some of the UFOs in Mr. Morris’s videos above look like glowing amoebas or jellyfishes. Some of them look like bright constellations. In his two videos above, Mr. Morris offers numerous logical explanations for these sightings. He considers the possibility that they could either be drones, flares, or satellites. A hardcore skeptic would likely dismiss these sightings as photoshopped images now that technology has evolved to the point that anything can be visually doctored on camera. However, because Mr. Morris has relied on different sources from which he has obtained these videos and some of which are reputable, I will go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt that everything that he shows us in his videos is for real.

Now, I lived in Los Angeles, California for seven years, and I used to hear stories about UFOs all the time. There was even this one psychiatrist who had a local television show on the weekend in which people in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area could call in and ask him for advice. He was the late Dr. David Viscott, and his television show was titled Late Night with Dr. David Viscott. Periodically, someone would phone in to his television show on Channel 4 there in Los Angeles and claim that they had witnessed a UFO or that aliens had even abducted them.

Southern California has a major problem with drug abuse. Therefore, I was inclined to disbelieve such claims of UFO encounters or alien contacts. The late Dr. Viscott was a polite man. Therefore, he would take these above-described telephone calls seriously, and he would try his best to give these people advice insofar as he would console them.

I have driven through the Mojave Desert late at night on various occasions, and I can straight out tell you that I never saw anything weird moving through the nocturnal sky. I once saw a meteorite, but everyone sees those. I never came across any flying saucers.

Some could argue that the sightings that appear in the footage of Mr. Morris’s two videos could be secret technology from the People’s Republic of China or North Korea. I do find it quite interesting that the sighting of balls of light floating above the clouds over the Pacific Ocean was at an altitude that was too high for birds to fly.

Even though I am skeptical about matters of this nature, my response to it all is that I do not understand why none of these UFO enthusiasts have considered the possibility that these sightings could be of atmospheric disturbances and possibly of doorways or portals into a parallel dimension, a parallel time band, a parallel universe, or some kind of alternate reality. One of the sightings that Mr. Morris showed in his videos looked as though it could have been one of a rip in the quantum fabric between our dimension and some other dimension. It reminds me of the one shown in the miniseries titled The Langoliers near the end of it.

If floating cities were sighted in the Far East and a major airplane disappeared in that same region only a year before those sightings were made as described in my article titled “The Existence Of Parallel Dimensions And Universes Is Highly Probable,” it would seem highly possible that unusual visual effects would ensue whenever a portal or a doorway between our dimension and another dimension opened up. These sightings don’t have to be connected with extraterrestrials or alien creatures that have traveled here from other planets and other solar systems. Science suggests that intelligent life from other worlds is highly improbable. However, circumstantial evidence of inter-dimensional travel continues to pile up.

Carl White Investigates the Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights

Strange Lights Have Been Sighted on Brown Mountain in North Carolina

People have seen strange lights on Brown Mountain in the state of North Carolina. This phenomenon has been going on for a substantial period of time. Moreover, people have disappeared on Brown Mountain after a sighting of these strange lights has taken place. Below are two videos that provide you with the full scoop regarding this longstanding community and scientific anomaly.

AlienExplorers Capture the Brown Mountain Lights on Camera
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Reported Disappearances on Brown Mountain Connected to Strange Lights

The YouTuber who narrates the last video above about Brown Mountain even mentions the possibility of these lights somehow being a portal or a doorway into a parallel dimension or the likes. Brown Mountain is not the only paranormal phenomenon in North Carolina that has involved missing people.

Back when the United States of America was still a British colony, Virginia Dare was the first British person born in a New World English colony. She was a member of The Roanoke Colony in what today is North Carolina. It is also referred to as The Lost Colony, because most everyone in that colony eventually vanished into thin air. Below is a video that provides you with a description of that historical mystery.

Facts Behind Virginia Dare and the Lost Colony Explained

As described in the video above, the Roanoke Colony’s governor, John White, traveled back to England to gather supplies for the colonists. He was unable to return to the colony until three years later because of a war that had broken out between England and Spain. He was Virginia Dare’s maternal grandfather. Upon his return to Roanoke Island, he found everyone in the colony, including Virginia Dare, to be missing. To this very day, nobody knows what happened to Virginia Dare and all the other colonists. There have been theories about this same colony’s disappearance since then, but nobody has been able to prove what caused the colonists to go missing.

Now, some of you are going to ask me what this historical mystery from the 1500s has to do with UFO sightings and the disappearance of people. Well, one fact that always seems to get overlooked is that North Carolina is not very far from Bermuda or the beginning point of The Bermuda Triangle. It takes a modest amount of time to fly from North Carolina to Bermuda short of any natural obstructions in the form of wind currents and the likes. People have vanished in The Bermuda Triangle, and strange sightings have been made there also. I don’t believe that the prospective connection between these facts is coincidental.

Unusual Incidents in the Bermuda Triangle Factor Into Unexplained UFO Sightings

The Bermuda Triangle extends from Bermuda all the way south to Puerto Rico and all the way east to Miami, Florida. Puerto Rican friends of mine have told me stories about UFO sightings. This one woman I used to work with told me that she had even seen some kind of bizarre object zoom across the sky when she was 11 years old and was living in Puerto Rico back in 1966, which was at a time when our technology would not have been able to produce such a swift aircraft. I have also stumbled across documentaries on television about UFO sightings in Puerto Rico that many locals spotted at the same time.

When I had spent a month in Puerto Rico on a business trip so many years ago, the locals there appeared to make a major fuss about the colossal telescope in Arecibo. I honestly do not believe that astronomers who work at the Arecibo Observatory are using that same colossal telescope to seek out sightings of extraterrestrial spacecrafts. Never mind the movie titled Contact that starred Jodie Foster back in 1997. There are unusual occurrences taking place in that region of the Western Hemisphere that would appear to involve inadvertent inter-dimensional travel; and even though I am skeptical about the paranormal, I am still more inclined to believe that the unusual sightings that appear in the sky are likely portals or doorways that make inter-dimensional travel possible as opposed to alien spacecrafts.

So many years ago when two pilots were passing through The Bermuda Triangle on a routine flight, according to them, their airplane was absorbed into some kind of dangerous vortex that unexplainably reduced the amount of time that their flight should have taken them. Below is a video that describes their ordeal. Do not be alarmed by the message that reads “Video unavailable” where that video is supposed to be. Simply click onto where it reads “Watch on YouTube,” and a separate window will open up on your computer screen and show that same video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Pilots Share Their Bizarre Experience in the Bermuda Triangle

If we are to believe that this incident is a true story rather than a hoax, the only explanation that would make sense regarding this same incident in the video above is that the airplane had traveled through some kind of portal or wormhole. What else could explain why these two pilots in that same airplane were able to complete a 1 1/2-hour flight in only 47 minutes? The airplane obviously had somehow shot ahead in time, and its passage through a wormhole of some kind was the only way that something like that could have been possible.

The pilots had apparently run the risk of being absorbed into that vortex permanently, and they could have been trapped in another dimension or another universe forever. This incident took place back in 1970 when airplanes were not as technologically sophisticated as they are today. These pilots did not expect to arrive to Miami as soon as they did after they had escaped the danger that they had encountered in The Bermuda Triangle. The airplane had not even used up as much fuel as it should have done so upon their arrival to Miami. It is though something extraordinary had allowed for these two pilots to defy the laws of physics during their flight.

Final Thoughts

UFO enthusiasts spend too much time getting overly excited about every single, solitary piece of news that they perceive to hint the existence of intelligent life on other planets. Avoid going to UFO conventions, because you will mostly encounter wheeler-and-dealers there trying to sell you something rather than actual science. For a long time, I have suspected that men attend those events as an opportunity to hook up with women.

Quantum physics will tell you that it is more likely that UFO sightings consist of atmospheric disturbances and/or possible portals or doorways to other dimensions or the likes than actual aliens in flying saucers. Evidence among some of the most brilliants astronomers and scientists that intelligent civilizations inhabit planets other than the Earth is virtually non-existent. We have not made our first contact with extraterrestrials, and we probably never will.

On the other hand, there has been actual video footage of floating cities over the People’s Republic of China. A year before a series of these same sightings were made, a very large airplane known as the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared without a single trace over the South China Sea. The timing and the geographic proximity of these events are suspicious insofar as they appear to be connected with one another.

As you connect all the dots, you will realize that UFO sightings as the ones that appear in Joseph Morris’s two videos herein could very well be of portals and doorways into a parallel dimension or the likes. We have to keep an open mind to that same possibility, because there is actual circumstantial evidence to support it and it is highly unlikely that we will be getting a visit from E.T. any time soon in view of what very little, if any, science exists to prove the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent life in our universe.

Whatever it may be that some of us are seeing up in the sky that nobody can explain, the Pentagon will eventually uncover the mystery behind it. The question remains whether our Federal government will make that information publically available. Time will only tell. For now, I must remain skeptical until I receive evidence that is conclusive.

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