Evacuation centers will strengthen support for LGUs — solon

April 1, 2023 Jester P. Manalastas 157 views

A House leader said the establishment of evacuation centers in every city and municipality is a good move to strengthen support to the local government units (LGUs).

House Bill 7335 author House Committee on Poverty Alleviation chair 1PACMAN Rep. Mikee Romero is hopeful that the bill would be enacted into law at least before the rainy season so that the government could start establishing the evacuation centers.

The approved House version was already sent to the Senate.

The main purpose of House Bill 7354 is for the evacuation centers to serve as immediate and temporary accommodation for people who have been displaced by disasters, calamities, or other emergency events such as typhoons, floods, and storm surges.

According to Romero, the reality on the ground states that national agencies still need to strengthen support for LGUs especially those with low capacities, low income class and those in multiple hazard areas.

“The establishment of unified protocol, standard system to create evacuation centers in all cities and municipalities is needed,” Romero said.

Under the measure, the evacuation centers may also be used by victims of fire, and the outbreak of illnesses and diseases that present imminent danger to life and property.