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Embattled exec ready to face proceedings in proper forum

June 19, 2024 People's Tonight 436 views

Bamban, Tarlac — Mayor Alice Guo on Wednesday issued a statement in response to recent allegations made by Senator Win Gatchalian regarding her citizenship.

Recent documents provided by Sen. Gatchalian allegedly from the Board of Investments and the Bureau of Immigration suggest that Mayor Guo might be Guo Hua Ping, who entered the Philippines on January 12, 2003, at the age of 13, with a birth date of August 31, 1990. According to these documents, Guo Hua Ping’s registered mother under the Special Investor’s Resident Visa (SIRV) is Lin Wenyi.

Mayor Guo is prepared to address these allegations fully and transparently. She even stressed the point that “he who alleges must prove! Kung sino ang nag-aakusa ay siya ang magpatunay.”

Mayor Guo asserts her Filipino citizenship based on her birthright, cultural ties, and continuous residency in the Philippines. Her belief in her Filipino identity has been consistent, supported by her active participation in local business and community life as well as the people she interacts with. In fact, many community members are willing to execute affidavits and share historical documentation to further bolster her citizenhip. Legal defenses for her nationality include birthright citizenship having been born by a FILIPINO mother out of wedlock and the recognition of Filipino citizenship by Philippine authorities, including the issuance of a birth certificate and a Philippine passport, among others.

Mayor Guo’s acquisition of personal and real properties in the Philippines was made in accordance with laws and procedures. She has complied with all the legal requirements, including the payment of taxes and fees. Philippine law protects such acquisitions, emphasizing the individual’s good faith and compliance with legal norms.

As the current Mayor of Bamban, Tarlac, Mayor Guo acknowledges the paramount importance of her eligibility for office. She stands ready to present substantial evidence supporting her Filipino citizenship, including birth records and affidavits. Her lifelong actions and beliefs as a Filipino citizen affirm her rightful candidacy and tenure in office.

It is important to note that China does not recognize dual citizenship. Furthermore, such allegation runs counter to the fact that she is required, and indeed secured, a Chinese visa as visitor of said country whenever she visits China.

Mayor Guo remains steadfast in her position, supported by her legitimate belief in her Filipino nationality, her significant contributions to the community, and her adherence to legal requirements. Mayor Guo welcomes any challenges to her nationality status, property ownership, or eligibility for office in a proper forum with due consideration of her rights and the best interests of the Bamban community.