Duterte asked to rename PH to ancient name ‘Mahaldika’

June 1, 2021 Christian D. Supnad 152 views

AN Imam who is also a Tausog warrior and respected religious Muslim leader yesterday asked President Rodrigo Duterte to rename the country into ‘Mahaldika,’ its ancient name.

PNP Muslim general Sahiron Dulah Salim, (retired) the first ever Muslim police officer to lead the Salaam Police in Camp Crame, told the president in his letter that ‘Mahaldika’ is of “Mantric significance” and spiritual meaning.

Salim quoted Famed spiritual guru, philosopher and philologist ShriiShriiAnandamurtiji, who said that before his death “ShriiShriiAnandamurtiji revealed to his disciples that this country’s ancient name was ‘Mahaldika’ and further revealed that once Philippines changed to this name “this country shall experience a miraculous economic evolution and shall become”, as even Pope John Paul II predicted, “ the spiritual center of the World… the new Jerusalem.”

Now an active Imam who put up a Mosque inside his compound in Bulacan, Salim reminded the president that “for more than 400 years, we have carried a name imposed on us by foreign colonialist.

“Our Asian neighbors and many other countries of the World have reclaimed their noble past and changed their names such as Formosa to Taiwan; Dutch East Indies to Indonesia; Siam to Thailand; Burma to Myanmar; Cambodia to Campuchea; Ceylon to Sri Lanka, except our country,” he added.

Salim also said in his letter that during the Majalahit and Srivijaya Empires golden age that covered all of East and South Asia with the Sulu archipelago as center “ Mahaldika” was reverred by the Rajas and Sultans as the name carried by ‘noble and free warriors,’ who won not only battles and wars but in particular the affection and administration of all the people.”

According to Salim, “Mahaldika breaks down into Maja or great, as in TajMahal, Mahatma Gandhi, Mahayana, Mahabrata and other noble names and likha which means to be born or created.”

“Mahaldika therefore means nobly created or born great,” Salim pointed out, adding “it is a small place of great people or a small container filled with great things.”

“Indonesian scholars of the YayasanKawiSastraManadala Foundation attest to these findings through their efforts in restructing Asian history and culture prior to Western colonization. The Indonesian word ‘Merdeka’ which means freedom came from Mahaldika, added Salim.

Gen. Salim earned his monicker as ‘Tausog warrior,’ when he beheaded singlehandedly a notorious MNLF rebel leader in Mindanao while he was detailed there.

Salim also led bloody fierce firefights against the secessionist rebels in the South where a number of the rebels were killed on the spot, gaining him the monicker as ‘Tausog warrior,’ and the NPA rebels in Central Luzon, including Bataan.