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February 29, 2024 People's Journal 73 views

ADMINISTRATION lawmakers yesterday welcomed former President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent endorsement of amending the restrictive economic provisions of the 1987 Constitution, noting the alignment of his stance with that of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

In a press conference, Representatives Peter Miguel (South Cotabato, 2nd District), Cheeno Miguel Almario (Davao Oriental, 2nd District), and Ray Reyes (ANAKALUSUGAN Party-list) said this convergence of views marks a significant development in the ongoing discussions surrounding the amendment of the 37-year-old Charter.

Miguel hailed Duterte’s recent statement on Charter amendments as a “major development,” particularly given its stark departure from his previous stance.

“Napakalaking bagay po nitong pronouncement ni former President Digong dahil noong nakaraang linggo kontra pa po siya. It is a complete turnaround, and it is a big deal for us na magsama na ang dalawang influential persons ng Pilipinas ngayon, ang ating sitting president, PBBM, and the former President saying Cha-cha (Charter change) is good, so long as we will amend the economic provisions,” Miguel said.

Miguel emphasized that the focus remains on amending economic provisions, reassuring the public that there are no ulterior political motives behind the proposed changes.

“So eto ang maganda, actually eto ‘yung the last piece of the puzzle na magsasabi sa both the House and the Senate na tuloy na tayo, tuloy na wala nang balakid ‘to basta ekonomiya lang and kami dito sa Congress, we’re true to our commitment for the economic provisions alone,” Miguel said.

Echoing Miguel’s sentiments, Almario described Duterte’s statement as “a breath of fresh air,” highlighting the alignment of perspectives among the legislative body and the country’s leadership.

“For the former president to mention that he is for the economic Cha-cha, it is a breath of fresh air to us and we continue to welcome these kinds of support from all of our influential leaders across the country,” Almario said.

“The intention was never vested interest in the first place. It was to really further improve the economical standpoint of the country,” Almario added.

Similarly, Reyes underscored the positive implications of Duterte’s openness to proposed economic provisions, emphasizing the importance of respectful debate and unity in the pursuit of national development.

“We are very happy with the comment of our former president and we look forward to working with each and every stakeholder moving forward,” Reyes remarked.