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Drunk Bicol cop hits PNCO who loses one eye

November 20, 2021 Alfred P. Dalizon 254 views

PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) chief, General Dionardo B. Carlos on Saturday said he has ordered a thorough investigation into an incident inside the Bicol police headquarters wherein a drunken official hit a non-commissioned officer with a broken glass causing the latter to lose his right eye.

“The Philippine National Police is deeply saddened of an incident that involves a ranking officer of the Regional Aviation Security Group (ASG) who allegedly inflicted physical harm to his subordinate last November 12, 2021. We do not condone any act of violence within the organization as much as we uphold the right of every accused for due process,” Carlos said in a statement.

The PNP chief ordered the creation of a Special Investigation Task Group to conduct a deep probe into the incident involving Colonel Dulnoan Dinamling Jr., chief of the Regional Aviation Security Unit in Bicol region.

Police Regional Office 5 (PRO5) director, Brigadier Gen. Jonnel C. Estomo has recommended to the PNP ASG headed by Brig. Gen. Ismael S. Yu the conduct of a summary dismissal proceeding on Dinamling, who was already relieved of his post and transferred to the ASG Personnel Holding and Administrative Section.

Estomo likewise ordered the relief of a classmate of Dinamling from the PNPA Academy, PRO5-RMFB commander, Col. Clarence Gomeyac following the incident which occurred after the latter celebrated his birthday inside their headquarters.

“Ipinag-utos na natin ang agarang imbestigasyon sa naturang insidente at nangangakong tutulungan ang naturang pulis na makamit ang nararapat na hustisya. Maging ang RMFB 5 commander ay atin na ring pinarelieve sa kanyang puwesto upang hindi mabahiran ang anumang imbestigasyon,” Carlos said.

“We maintain the integrity of the investigation giving equal right to both parties involved. Rank may have its privileges but it can never justify abuse of power and drunken misconduct, and PCol Dinamling will have to face the consequences of his actions,” the top cop added.

The actions were taken following an incident which took place inside the PRO5 RMFB headquarters around 12:30 a.m. last November 12.

During the incident, Dinamling was said to be already heavily drunk when he hit Master Sergeant Ricky Brabante of the PRO5-RMFB with a glass in the face. The glass tore into his right eye.

The policeman said that his superior also attempted to grab another bottle to smash his head again but was pacified by his companions.

Brabante is now recuperating after undergoing a major operation that resulted in the loss of his vision in his right eye.

Carlos assured that Brabante will be given all the assistance he needed.

The incident reportedly only reached the attention of Estomo two days later since concerned officials tried to keep it a secret. The SITG is investigating why Dinamling was not arrested and inquest for his offense which took place on a Saturday but only reached the attention of Estomo two days after.

An angry Estomo ordered the immediate relief of Gomeyac and asked the PNP-ASG leadership to subject Dinamling to summary dismissal proceedings.

He also visited Brabante in the hospital and assured the victim that he will take care of all his bills. Estomo also vowed to fully support the decision of Brabante to file charges against Dinamling.

“Hindi pahihintulutan ng pamunuan ng PNP Bicol ang pananamantala sa paggamit ng posisyon at paggamit ng dahas sa hanay nito. Mananatiling pantay at patas ang pagdinig sa usaping ito. Makaaasa ang lahat sa maagap at agarang pag-aksyon upang maresolba ang isyu,” Estomo said.