Drive vs corruption

December 8, 2023 People's Tonight 141 views

DESPITE efforts to go after erring men and women in government uniform, corruption remains a problem in impoverished Philippines.

In the view of various quarters, it is not because concerned government authorities lack the political will to hit hard at corrupt public servants.

If the authorities find it hard to wipe out corruption, blame it partly on the reluctance of people to expose shenanigans in the bureaucracy.

Certainly, the public wants to know who in the government service continue to take advantage of their positions for private gain.

“Pero marami ang ayaw maistorbo o takot na mapag-initan kung sila’y magsasalita, lalo na kung malaking isda ang sangkot,” a teacher said.

What is needed, he said, is for the government to protect and grant substantial monetary and other benefits to possible “whistleblowers.”

“Hindi madali ang maging ‘whistleblower,’ lalo na kung isa ka lang ordinaryong empleyado, dahil talagang pag-iinitan ka,” the mentor said.

Of course, the people are made to believe that the government of President Marcos is committed to punish the “crooks and the vultures.”

That’s why the Ilocano chief executive deserves the support of every Filipino as he exerts efforts to rid the country of erring public servants.

We are all for this.