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THE saying is true that “If you will persevere, you will reap the fruits of your labor”. I have proven that in my life. Poverty is not an obstacle to fulfill our dreams. I am one of the witnesses of that. I have been aware of poverty since childhood. It’s true that I experienced a comfortable life because our family had a business but it went bankrupt and never recovered. We also had a helper in our home and our father had many friends but that gradually disappeared because we struggled. It is also true that friends can be tested in times of trouble.

Our grandmother supported us. At first I sulked but it was wrong because she was the one who fed us and bought our needs. That’s why I miss her. We were eight siblings who were educated. A relative helped us. It was my big mistake that I sulked when they said they can no longer afford to send me to college. It was wrong because I have many brothers and sisters. We should still thank them.

It hurt me to know that they couldn’t afford to send me to college. But I didn’t give up and continued to study even though we had no money. My mother managed to borrow from her brother, sine the college tuition fees were minimal at that time. Thanks to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), I became a working student despite financial difficulties. They gave me a job while I was studying. I endured even if my shoes were worn out. My mother almost begged others for my school supplies just so I could finish school. My aunt bought me two sets of uniform that I used for four years. I am grateful to the people who helped me reach my dream. I thought it would not be fulfilled because of the many problems. God did not abandon me. He provided someone to help me so that I could finish my studies and fulfill my dream.

I thank God for not allowing the trials to stop me from fulfilling my dream. He sent people who helped me. Grandma, wherever you are now, you are one of my inspirations. You pushed me to give my all. Maybe your words hurt but now I understand your wisdom. Thank you so much Grandma, aunt, and my Mom. Above all, thank you God who continues to guide me until now that I have a family of my own.

Don’t stop dreaming because nothing will stop you from making it come true if you work hard. Even if many people judge your character or even if things get difficult, just keep going. And don’t forget to thank the people who helped make this happen. It will not be achieved in a snap of a finger, but it will be fulfilled gradually as long as you believe that it will be fulfilled.Luzviminda S. Clemente, Teacher III, Iba Elementary School, Hagonoy, Bulacan