DOTR promotes popular use of public transportation

August 24, 2023 Jun I. Legaspi 355 views

THE Department of Transportation (DOTR) is following the principle of transit-oriented development (TOD) by putting up necessary transport infrastructure, which will create compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-used communities centered around train systems and other public transport hubs.

Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista explained that by capitalizing on transit-oriented development infrastructure, Filipinos will break the cycle of car dependency and patronize public transportation to alleviate traffic in the metropolis and other high-density areas.

“We aim to break Filipinos’ dependence on private cars for mobility,” Secretary Bautista said during the Asia Real Estate Forum 2023. “We are pushing this multi-sectoral approach to urban development through our transport projects.”

While TOD will create walkable and efficient transportation, according to Secretary Bautista, the concept will also reduce high energy consumption and help in the fight against climate change, creating a ripple effect among other sectors and Filipinos even in the bottom of the economic ladder.

“We have to subscribe to TOD’s concept of creating walkable communities that reduce the need for driving and high energy consumption. By aligning our projects to the TOD principle, we aspire to make a positive change to the lives of Filipinos through our transport projects,” Secretary Bautista pointed out.

The transport chief likewise called on the private sector to partner with the DOTr to bankroll such investable projects.

“These projects require massive funding. We have turned to the private sector for investment collaboration. On many occasions, the keen interest displayed by private investors to our projects manifest their financial viability while remaining primarily public service initiatives,” he said.