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Dolor infra plans bared

April 24, 2022 People's Tonight 413 views

BAUAN, batangas — The current leadership of Bauan under Mayor Ryhan M. Dolor has proper care, planning, and budgeting of the town’s tax or finances so that many projects especially in the field of infrastructure are delivered to the barangays and benefit the people.

This includes the expansion of Farm-To-Market Road Development Projects which are essential for the mobility of people, products, and services. In connection with this, road widening, road construction, and riprapping were carried out in many barangays and repairing drainage systems and clogged canals to prevent.

The coastal barangays and seawalls have been reorganized and added. The said project will serve as protection from coastal erosion and flooding caused by rising seawater (flooding from waves) during the rainy season and southwest monsoon apart from road construction and additional school buildings and classrooms.

The pandemic has not been an obstacle to the response to the need for classrooms, especially now that face-to-face classes are starting in some select schools.

The renovations are also underway at the Bauan Public Market and a footbridge has been built that is currently in Phase IV.These are just a few of the projects during Mayor Dolor’s tenure. Many more worthwhile projects for Bauan are currently underway or are in the thorough planning stage.

All of this will be accomplished through the current administration and from the collaboration of the Sangguniang Bayan through Vice Mayor Julian Bojie Casapao and SB Members.