DOJ to seek dismissal of “fake” cases to expedite removal of Japanese fugitives

February 1, 2023 Hector Lawas 460 views

THE Department of Justice (DOJ) will move for the dismissal of the pending criminal cases of Japanese fugitives long wanted in Japan for a series of alleged robberies.

In a chance interview, Justice Assistant Secretary Mico Clavano disclosed that while one out of the four Japanese fugitives was already exonerated, the three others still have pending and live cases before trial courts.

Under the rules, they cannot be deported if they have pending cases in the Philippines.

When asked when could courts possibly resolve the motions to dismiss, Clavano said:

There’s no real assurance. The only commitment that the Secretary made to the Japanese government and the Embassy was that he would expedite as much as possible because obviously some of the cases are in court already and we don’t control their discretion in the judiciary side. “

“So we have to file the necessary motion through our prosecution service and it’s up to judge whether they will dismiss the case or not.”

The four Japanese are believed to be members of a syndicate behind series of robberies in Japan.

One of them is Inamura Kiyoto who is the subject of a summary deportation order dated Jan. 30, 2020 due to cases of theft and robberies in his country.

He was charged with violation of Republic Act 9262 or Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC), but was dismissed by a court in Makati City on January 26.

On the other, Kiyoto’s alleged leader, Yuri Watanabe a. k. a “Luffy,” is facing a separate criminal charge before the Pasay Regional Trial Court, also for VAWC.

Luffy was also ordered for deportation for illegally entering the Philippines and charges of counterfeiting and theft in Japan.

He is believed to have remotely given instructions to those carrying out the robberies in Japan via an encrypted messaging app from an immigration facility in Manila.

Kiyoto and Luffy are being suspected as among four men detained in Manila who Japanese police have requested be deported to Japan.