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DOH deploys family health teams to Taal evacuation centers

July 22, 2021 Jane Eleda 326 views

THE Department of Health – Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon) has deployed teams from its Family Health Unit to provide maternal and reproductive health services to expecting and nursing mothers staying in various evacuation centers in Batangas province.

“This is to ensure the health and safety of women in evacuation areas and also to ensure that maternal health care services will still continue, including the strengthening of protocols, in preventing and responding to gender-based violence during calamities and emergencies,” DOH Regional Director Eduardo Janairo said.

He said women are the most vulnerable among our population, especially during natural disasters, because they suffer increased risk of physical and mental health issues, including pregnant related concerns, and caring for their family.

“We have to extend them health support and coping mechanisms for them to be protected and improve their health and well-being,” Janairo said.

“With the continuing influx of people in evacuation centers, it is essential that life-saving reproductive health care services are not disrupted and shall continue even in evacuation centers, especially for pregnant and lactating women,” he added.

The FHU has been providing gynecological consultations and various health tests.

Pregnant women were given prenatal exams, including fetal heart monitoring.

Regional FHU outcome manager Felices Emerita Perez said that emergency maternity tent facilities for the isolation of pregnant women and those who have given birth, including personal protective equipment, were installed in evacuation centers.

“Maternity kits, newborn kits, emergency birthing kits and dignity kits were also given to pregnant women in evacuation centers including those in isolation facilities,” Perez said.