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DOH-Calabarzon logs 50% target for MR-OPV SIA

May 17, 2023 Dennis Abrina 267 views

THE Department of Health-Center for Health Development (DOH-CHD) Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon) announced that a total of 676,296 (49.72%) children aged 9-59 months have already received vaccines against measles-rubella (MR), based on the Measles-Rubella and Oral Polio Vaccine Supplemental Immunization Activity or MR-OPV SIA unofficial quick count data of May 17, 2023.

Laguna recorded the highest accomplishment with 156,089 (57.14%); followed by Batangas with 122,820 (50.77%); Rizal 144,755 (49.81%); Quezon 86,599 (49.39%).

Cavite 154,706 (43.81%); Lucena 11,327 (43.73%); and for bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine (bOPV) among children aged 0-59 months in priority areas, DOH Calabarzon recorded 126,745 (43.11%) total accomplishment – Quezon topped the provinces with 11,066 (65.88%); followed by Batangas with 22, 066 (58.45%); Laguna 25,366 (48.98%); Lucena 13,636 (44.65%); Rizal 36,196 (37.85%); and Cavite 18,415 (29.93%).

DOH Calabarzon Regional Director Ariel I. Valencia said, “This is our 2nd week or the 11th day of our MR-OPV SIA campaign, and we are halfway close to achieving our target of 95% or equivalent to 1,292,117.”

“This is the result of our effort, making sure that we are aligned with one goal, and that is to protect our children against VPDs (vaccine-preventable diseases) by strengthening their immunity,” he added.

However, Valencia emphasized that the data is based on the manual count. “We have yet to await the release of the official data from the Synchronized Electronic Immunization Repository (SEIR) – an uploading system used by the central office since there were problems with uploading in SEIR that are causing delays.”

Calabarzon region targets to immunize 1,360,123 children 9 to 59 months for the MR vaccine and 294,014 children 0 to 59 months for the OPV.

Meanwhile, Valencia, together with other DOH staff, began a series of joint supervisory monitoring and inspections of several health facilities in the region for the implementation of the MR-OPV SIA campaign.

“Along with our Quezon PDOHO led by Dr. Juvy Paz Purino, cooperative parents, and partner stakeholders, we visited several health centers to ensure effective operations management for vaccination, especially in priority areas,” Valencia said.

Valencia personally checked on the accomplishment of the MR-OPV SIA in the municipalities of Tiaong, Candelaria, and Lucban on May 11-16, 2023, and ensured sufficient vaccine supply and workforce.

The DOH continuously encourages all parents to bring their children five years old and below to the nearest health centers and avail the vaccines intended for them.