Diego making up for lost times

October 4, 2021 Mario Bautista 322 views

DiegoDIEGO Loyzaga’s current film, “Bekis on the Run”, is still streaming on Vivamax but he now has a new movie to be shown on October 22, “House Tour”. And right now, he is shooting yet another movie, “Patungong Tayo” directed by Fifth Solomon. This is the launching film of his reel and real love team with Barbie Imperial.

“I truly feel so blessed”, he says. “Walang katigil-tigil ang dating ng film projects ko kahit may pandemic. And now I’m even paired with my girlfriend, so how lucky is that? I’m so grateful beyond words.”

And to think there was a time he turned his back on showbiz. “Nang mawala ako sa showbiz, nasayangan talaga ako with the opportunities coming my way na hindi ko lang na-appreciate. But now I’ve realized that I should always count my blessings. In my absence, that’s when I realized I could really do so much more.”

So he’s now thankful to be given a second wind. “Yes, thanks to God and to Boss Vic of Viva for giving me this second chance to do it all over again. I gladly take this new opportunity and I’m now making the most out of it. I’d also like to thank everyone who supported me. Now, I’m so busy and I like my busy schedule. It’s good for me. Basketball lang and working out and making films ang pinagkakaabalahan ko, so I’m really more focused with what I’m doing.”

Doesn’t he get confused with all the characters he is playing? “Yes, nakakalito nga lang kung minsan, kasi iba-iba characters mo. But mas okay na ito kaysa walang ginagawa. I hate being stagnant inside the four walls of my room. In March, I experienced na nagka-covid ako and I hate it just being stuck at home. So I’m happier being busy doing one movie after another.”

What’s his role in the heist thriller, “House Tour”?

“Ako ‘yung pinakamakulit member ng aming group who tries to be funny. Mga aspiring magnanakaw kami rito nina Mark Anthony Fernandez, Cindy Miranda and Marco Gomez. Pinasok namin ang mansion ng mag-asawang Sunshine Guimary and Rafa Siguion Reyna while they’re on vacation. Ipinakita nila kasi ‘yun sa kanilang pa-house tour sa vlog nila. This leads to some very exciting complications in the story.”

Would he himself show his own home in a house tour? “No, unang-una hindi maganda ang bahay ko. I’m just renting it, so I don’t wanna show the place. Pero kahit na maging maganda pa ang bahay ko, I still won’t give a house tour. I won’t want to share it with anyone kasi parang you’d lose your privacy, lalo in showing your bedroom. It will feel weird for me. I know na uso ‘yun, but that’s my personal opinion. Kaya siguro hindi ako nagba-vlog.”

“House Tour” also stars Chad Kinis, Abby Bautista, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Jobelyn Manuel, Liz Alindogan, Raquel Monteza, Angie Castrence and Jim Pebanco. Watch it on Vivamax starting October 22.