DFA to implement mandatory repatriation of Pinoys in Ukraine

March 7, 2022 Cristina Lee-Pisco 274 views

DUE to the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Ukraine, the Department of Foreign Affairs has raised the crisis alert level for all areas in Ukraine to Alert Level 4 or mandatory repatriation for all Filipinos in said country.

Under Crisis Alert Level 4, the Philippine Government will implement mandatory evacuation procedures for all Filipinos at government expense.

Filipinos in Ukraine will be assisted by the Philippine Embassy in Poland and the Rapid Response Team, which are currently assisting Filipino nationals for repatriation and relocation.

The Philippine Embassy’s 24/7 contact details are as follows:

1. Emergency Phone Number: +48 604 357 396 (Also receives VIBER and WHATSAPP calls).
2. Assistance-to-Nationals Phone Number: + 48 694 491 663 (Also receives VIBER and WHATSAPP calls).

The DFA continues to closely monitor the political and security developments in Ukraine.