Depresyon, 17 taong parte ng buhay ni Ice

March 1, 2022 Vinia Vivar 403 views

NI-REVEAL ni Ice Seguerra sa kanyang Instagram account na 17 years na pala siyang nakikipaglaban sa depression at sa ngayon ay natanggap na niya talaga na kasama na ito sa kanyang buhay.

“Living with depression for almost 17 years now, I’ve come to accept that this will be my life from here on. With acceptance comes embracing the fact there will be days, weeks, or months that I won’t be okay, without really understanding why. But I also know that it will pass. That one day, I can be myself again. Just feeling and enjoying life,” pahayag ni Ice.

Pero ang maganda naman sa singer, talagang pinaiiral pa rin niya ang positivity.

“Sometimes, bad days will outnumber my good days but despite that, the joy of one good day is worth all the struggle.

“If you’re reading this, please know that whatever it is you’re going through… it will pass. Get professional help, take your meds, talk to family and friends. Please soldier on and hold tight, because regardless of what you’re going through, life is still worth the fight,” ani Ice.

Nag-post din siya ng isang quotation about depression at pagiging positibo.

“Let this be a reminder. Whatever it is that is causing all of this stress. All of this anxiety. Depression and worry. Will pass. And you will survive. And move on. As you always have. A bad day. Is still. Just a day. And tomorrow is a new one. Stay strong.”