DepEd not informed of QC school’s closure

August 16, 2022 Edd Reyes 385 views

THE Department of Education (DepEd) said the Colegio De San Lorenzo in Quezon City had no prior communication on its permanent closure on the day of the start of classes on Monday for School Year (SY) 2022-2023.

“Upon verifying the matter with the Regional Director concerned, Colegio de San Lorenzo had no prior communication with DepEd re the closure. They did not formally inform the Department of their intent to close”, Atty. Michael Poa ,DepEd spokesperson told reporters in a viber message .

Poa explained that this is a voluntary closure as provided under Sec 43 of DO 88 s. 2010.

Based on the department protocols, the DepEd will only issue an acknowledgement of closure once they are assured that the transfer credentials of the affected students are processed and released by the school.

“On the part of DepEd, our primary concern is the learners. There is already a private school in Quezon City that got in touch with DepEd and informed us that they are willing to absorb students, particularly Grades 11 and 12 at the same tuition rate as that of Colegio de San Lorenzo”.

He assured that teachers who are terminated due to voluntary closure of private schools are entitled to separation pay.

“As to any form of assistance that the DepEd can provide, we will explore this. But again, I have to emphasize that these are private school teachers”, Poa added.

On Monday, Colegio de San Lorenzo in Quezon City officially announced its permanent closure,it was supposed to start classes for the school year 2022-23, which drew outrage from students and parents.

“Due to the financial instability and lack of financial viability brought about by the ongoing pandemic and exacerbated by consistent low enrolment turnout over the past years, the Board of Trustees has come to the painful and difficult decision to permanently close our educational institution, Colegio De San Lorenzo,” the school management said in the letter sent to students and their parents.

The school management assured them that they would be refunded in full.