Denise goes from ballet dancer to star stripper in ‘Star Dancer’

May 27, 2023 Ian F. Fariñas 567 views

This June, watch how a woman’s unfulfilled dreams force her to do everything to make ends meet and leads her to the greatest rivalry of her life.

Star Dancer premieres on Vivamax on June 2.

An aspiring ballet dancer had to give up her passion for this dance and choose a completely different path as a strip club dancer.

Odessa (Denise Esteban) is a dance scholar who stops pursuing a career in ballet after suffering an injury.

To provide for herself, she ends up working at a strip club endorsed by her roommates. Here, she meets Prince (Arron Villaflor), the strip club owner’s son, who immediately gets attracted to her.

From being a ballet dancer, Odessa now becomes an in-demand stripper at a club and becomes a star performer.

She also falls for Prince’s charm and the two get together.

It seems that Odessa has been enjoying her new life, but all of that changes when Giselle (Rose Van Ginkel) returns, the club’s former star and Prince’s former lover.

Giselle plans to reclaim her throne at the club and Prince’s heart. But Odessa, being the fighter that she is, won’t back down and won’t let things go that easily, and so a battle between two alluring queens emerges.

Can Giselle take everything that was formerly hers? Or will Odessa remain as the star dancer?

Star Dancer is a Vivamax Original Movie by Gawad Urian winner and multi-awarded director Pam Miras.

It stars Rose Van Ginkel, Denise Esteban and Arron Villaflor.

Stream Star Dancer on Vivamax come June 2.