Defensor eyes new drug rehab center in QC

March 6, 2022 People's Tonight 302 views

QUEZON City mayoral candidate Mike Defensor of Anakalusugan party-list has pledged to build a new local government-funded residential treatment and rehabilitation center (TRC) for drug dependents if he is elected Quezon City mayor.

“There’s no question that the illegal drug scourge continues to wreak havoc on our communities. Even as we speak, there are many families breaking up or in crisis because of a drug-dependent parent, son, or daughter,” Defensor said.

“We recognize that drug dependents can harm themselves or others, sowe want to encourage families to voluntarily bring them in for free treatment and rehabilitation,” Defensor said.

Defensor said he intends to put up a modern TRC in Quezon City with two dormitories – one for female patients and the other for males – where drug dependents can live with peace of mind while undergoing a six-month recovery program.

“We want drug dependents to recover and become highly productive citizens again for the sake of their families,” Defensor said.

Drug dependency is not just a law enforcement challenge, but also as a health problem, according to Defensor.


Defensor also vowed to establish a new Quezon City Sports Academy and to launch community-based sports programs.

“We absolutely need sports activities to fully develop our children, and to keep them away from illegal drugs,” Defensor, House committee on welfare of children vice chairperson, said.

“The sports academy will create new and better pathways for students and out-of-school youth who want to pursue careers in athletics,” Defensor said.